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Onyx Ida

Onyx Ida is a powerful Magus who taught at the Magicorps Academy for decades. After the war, she volunteered to assist with the reconstruction efforts in the Iron Hills, and quickly became one of Praeses Caelynn Tenithra's most trusted advisors.   However, she is far more than a mere advisor. She is a senior member of the Night Watch, investigating possible means of empowering a ritual intended to plunge the Sleeping Lands into an everlasting darkness.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ida is an older woman, well into her twilight years. Despite this, she is still able bodied and healthy, maintaining her body through exercise: a walk every day before dawn, followed by a set of light calisthenics and stretches.   She is also known for being unusually observant for a human of any age, having earned a reputation while at the academy as a fierce disciplinarian not through harsh treatment of her students, but through catching every infraction: every student whispering to another during a lecture, every prank on the practice range, if she was there, she would catch it and call the student out for it. This is generally attributed to some magical precognition or similar ability, but in reality, her excellent hearing and sharp eyesight proved to be more than enough. She was also smart enough to allow rumours of her precognitive abilities to circulate, as this greatly cut down on the number of students likely to pull something in her presence.   She wears a simple silk tunic and a divided, ankle length skirt, topped with a traditional magus' robe in red, with cerulean trim and bronze accents, and wields the distinctive black staff that gives her the name "Onyx" Ida. This staff is heavily enchanted, greatly expanding her considerable magical capabilities.
Current Location
Narrow, amber eyes
Black, neck length, tied back in a tight bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Aligned Organization

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