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As the people of Iosis age, they begin suffering from various aches and pains. However, some experience more intense pain and symptoms than others. Some wealthier citizens are able to employ the services of a Rune Caster who can ease or even erase the pain but those who are not as wealthy have to take poultices or deal with the pain as best as possible.


The exact cause of Pains are unknown, however, it seems as though those who are more active or have injured a joint at a younger age tend to be more susceptible to the more intense kinds of pain. Women and people who are heavier are particularly susceptible to pains in their knees, hips, and spine.


Initally, pains show up as stiffness and slight pain in a person's joints. As it progresses, a person experiences aches or pains in their shoulders, neck, upper arms, buttocks, hips, or thighs as well as stiffness in these areas. This stiffness causes the sufferers range of motion to be limited. Some more intense cases may also experience mild fever, fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite, and unexpected weight loss. For most people, this is as far as the pains progress, however, for others their suffering becomes even worse.   For those whose pain continues, they suffer from persistent, severe head pain, usually in the temple area, scalp tenderness, jaw pain when they chew or open their mouths, and vision loss or double vision. In the most severe cases, people will experience sudden, permanent loss of vision in one eye.


For the people who have the money to do so, a Rune Caster can be employed on a temporary or long term basis to ease the sufferer's pain and symptoms with Rune Casting. In this situation, the Caster will draw healing runes with the Caster's blood over the areas causing the person pain.   For those who do not have the money, however, they must rely on poultices or healing herbs to ease the pain. Or, if they do not have access to an apothecary the person must simply bear with the pains as best they can.


Those who suffer from mild pains, merely have to live with that mild pain for the rest of their lives. For those who suffer from more severe forms, however, they have to deal with difficulty moving, limited range of motion, and potentially blindness.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species
Rune Caster
Profession | Jul 28, 2019

Rune casters are highly skilled individuals who are the only people in all of Iosis able to use rune magic at will. Those who cannot perform this feat may buy the services of a rune caster at a high cost.

Rune Casting
Technology / Science | Jul 28, 2019

Rune Casting is the method of using magical runes. During rune casting, the caster must maintain physical contact with the object or person the runes are drawn on. More commonly, casters draw runes using their blood as a way to maintain 'contact'.

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