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The Slicer

"The Sea is a place of wonder, and best of all full of mysteries."

Written by KalebClint

This ship was named 'The Slicer' because of how it seemed to Slice right through the water going at very high speeds. Magic is actual used to create this effect has the water in front of the ship is moved slightly to remove resistance.

This ship holds a crew of eight, and though few know it they actually work for the government keeping an eye and the seas all around the world. They often travel by day and thanks to their high speed can reach a docking port before nightfall. As the ship was not made to sleep in.

The Captains name is Terran, who is very experienced with sea travel and is a very logical man. He and seven others are constantly working and traveling and are actually a huge help to keeping the kingdom safe.

The Captain and his 'Co-Pilot' steer the ship at the helm by using two dashboards that are linked to the Arcane crystals, (See Arcane Elements) these dashboards allow them to effect the wind spells and steer the ship. They can also speed up/slow down and can control the frontal weopans port. Four other crew members control the back and side weopans port while the last two keep watch and help with whatever is needed.

The Sail

The Strange Sign on the sail was supposedly created by the crew, they didn't have any exact purpose in mind and their exact words

"We simply threw some paint together and tried to make it look original. That way if anyone were to see it they would know it was us."

very Few know it but this small crew and their ship are very dangerous and often venture into forbidden sea, if ever spotted (Which they rarely are as the ship is small and can be disguised as magic.) They either talk they're way out or fight.

Power Generation

This ship the slicer is very high tech, despite it looking very small and simple. It uses Arcane Crystals to both help keep it floating and go at high speeds. The ship also holds a few powerful weopans that are used mostly of Arcane Crystals.

The Crystals are all linked and set in a complex pattern that makes it very efficient, the only downside is that if one crystal breaks the whole thing goes down. Because of this most Arcane Crystals have one ore two pairs so that if one goes down the other functions in its place.

The Creators made it so that even if all the crystals were to be broken the ship would still function normally as a sailing ship which can go at about 30 knots.


The Propulsion is used by Arcane Crystals linked with wind spells, A couple on the bottom also hold water spells to speed it up. When the Crystals are not functioning the crew has a spellcaster to push wind into the sail making it go a very good speed.

Weapons & Armament

The ship has four main weapon systems, each one powered by five arcane crystals each on linked with a spell that help to fire a strong ball of fire that will usually to immense damage. The spells are of mostly fire and wind, the different wind spells are used to navigate the bolt (as the crew directs it) and the fire spells for, well fire.

Armor and defense

The Ship is quite a bit stronger then it looks, it is made mostly of simple wood but every bit of it is magically enhanced. Making it a bit resistant to magical attacks and making the wood a bit stronger. Some sensors can even be used to help with fishing.

Communication Tools & Systems

The ship has simple communications systems that can send a signal very far, probably about halfway through the planet.


A few Sensors are used in this ship, mostly for telling the captain when a Arcane Crystal has cracked/broken, but also for when another ship or some land is near, just beyond eyesight. It even as a weight sensor that will tell the captain when the ship is too heavy.

Interactive Vehicle 'Map'

The Slicer
This is a small but powerful ship name The Slicer.


This Ship was created near exactly a decade ago, its creating was a long process and one that was kept secret. The crew is one that is widely known for efficiency and sea travel, despite it only being made up of eight people. Ever since it was built the crew has been paid to basically 'Scout' around the kingdom and warn the government of any invaders. This ship and crew have already kept many raiders from doing damage and one of the best things about it is very few people know about it the ships purpose. In fact most people believe it is a pretty lousy ship,
There is only one ship like it, as the creators vowed never to share the blueprint.
15 ft
135 ft
25 ft
8000 tons
top speed is around 120 knots
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
It can hold max of a dozen middle aged humans with an extra 100 tons of anything else before things get dangerous.
l Base Map Image
The Slicer Base Map Image

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4 Oct, 2021 14:49

With how often you mention the small size of the ship I would consider changing the dimensions, as 40x400 feet is actually fairly large. for reference, a Boeing 747 sits at just over 20 feet wide and 220-250 feet long depending on the generation   Good job on the map and artwork though.

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.
Kaleb Clint
4 Oct, 2021 23:07

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I couldn't really figure out what a size a small ship actually was.