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To Forge you first need Arcane Fire, between 1-5 spells ready, and some material like say Iron. With the Arcane Fire Alight you can cast the spells into the Arcane fire and it should change color depending on the spell. Then you simply forge the material into whatever is needed, whether its for a building or a sword. Whatever spell you put into the fire will then be infused into the material. The spell is permanent and always active (Or at least as long as the material is intact.) Now Unlike a Charms the spell affects the material, not the person holding it. If you put some sort of strength spell into the fire then the material will be stronger and more durable. The Aracane fire doesn't last very long (you can only fuel it by adding spells, but thier a max of five) but if you put a strength spell in the fire everything you forge from that fire will have the spell infused in them.



To be a Forger you need to have good knowledge in forging and the use of Arcane Fire (See Arcane Elements), you also need to have basic knowledge in spellcasting like evrything you need a Pass.

Career Progression

For Forgers to get a Higher pass they simply need to make an item with at least three spells, Proffesional Forgers will look at one, how well the item was forged, how well the spells were infused and how many. If you do worse then before ussualy you just stay at the same pass, its very rare that you get a lower one.

Payment & Reimbursement

Forgers are often Hired by Auto-Formers to make the Auto-Forms bodies. They are also often used in times of war to make reinforced weopans.

Other Benefits

One of the benefits to being a forger is that with the right resources you could simply work at home (Depending on whether or not you work solo.)



Forgers can help make all sorts of buildings, weopans and even simply furniture much stronger by infuseing Arcane spells into the material.



All Forgers obviusly need a forge, all sorts of tools to actually forge the stuff. You will need Arcane Fire (So you will either need to do the Rituals yourself or hire Ritualists to do it.)


Forgers will quite often work underground or in a large building, Forgers often prefer to have lpenty of pace to do thier work. So often if you work with a Forger group you'll ussualy have it in a large Forging building, if you work on your own you'd probably work at home, so in the basement. (With some changes made of course.)

Dangers & Hazards

I dont even need to say that thier are plenty of hazards when Forging, many of which are very obvius. There arn't many magical hazards, except for say putting in the wrong spell and accidentaly to a summon fire spell. (Its happened once, the object is permanetly on fire until the fire burns/melts the object.)
Forging is completely legal, and used very often by the controling government. It canbe pretty helpful in increasing your fortifications and defense.

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