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Bwrdd Llosgydd

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Bwrdd Llosgyd is a volcanic island that is thought to have broken the ocean's surface earlier than YA -1000. Llosgydd itself is one of many previously undersea mountains, though it's the only volcano in the range. Thousands of years of eruptions and tectonic movement have since driven the mountains high above sea level, and created the Downs and Serpent's Fjords as they are known today.


The name 'Bwrdd Llosgydd' means 'The Incinerator's Table'. This name has been used to refer to the island since before it was settled, and is still used in the modern day. Even the first maps drafted of the island call it by this name, though the spelling varies.


There are various landscapes on Bwrdd, ranging from the mountainous Fjords, to the flat Tunda wastes, to the tropical Wyrm Jungle. The oldest parts of the island are rocky and harsh, but the regions formed by later volcanic eruptions are characterized by much softer terrain and fertile soil.


Due to frequent volcanic activity and geological turmoil, the island has no native human inhabitants. The first creatures to live on Bwrdd Llosgydd were likely Amphitheres. Caves can be found in all layers of the limestone cliff faces, which suggests that early Amphitheres settled on Bwrdd closely following its initial surfacing. Land dwelling animals are believed to have migrated onto the island via the Bwrdd Isthmus, which had already eroded away by the time the first humans arrived around YA -30.

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Bord Sjåsgied
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Diaspora of Advarsel


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