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The Companion's Guild

"Looking for a little work? The guild may have something for you. They only hand out basic jobs to people like you and I and it doesn't pay as well for those who aren't members but usually there is someone who needs something done somewhere.   I hear that if you are a member they will send you all across Naemore just to do one job that they think you are well suited for. A chance to travel, get paid, and eat? Sounds good. Those jobs must be terribly dangerous though. Not the life for me. If I died out on a job my wife would kill me."

A Bit of This...

The Companions Guild operates throughout the kingdom of Naemore connecting people who need things done with people who can do those things. The person who needs work done pays the guild who passes on most of those funds to the person who completes the job, a certain cut is required to keep the guild afloat. Basic jobs can be completed by anyone not just guild members, though nonmembers recieve a smaller cut.   They operate mostly in larger towns and in cities where the people have more money and can afford to spend money on help that in smaller tighter-knit communities is often just a matter of asking a friend for assistance. Sometimes towns and cities recieve requests from smaller communities for more specialized work or for assistance in disaster relief which is sometimes considered charitable work by the guild.

...A Bit of That

The guild also takes on jobs from larger organizations and even governments and authorities. These jobs are exclusively given to guild members and often ones that are chosen for their particular skillset. More dangerous, secret, and 'extra-legal' services can involve collecting members from across the nation to create a team capable of completing the task.   Despite sometimes taking on tasks that may not be the most popular, the guild maintains an overall good reputation. Much of this is that the members are pillars of the communities they live and work in.

Home to Companions

The initial concept of the guild was a place that used people and their companions to help people. These first members are considered to have had some of the most powerful companions to have ever existed but the truth is just that they understood the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of their other better than anyone else.

Hidden Power

Companions are complex creatures. Tied to a person, unkillable, and possessing strange abilities, they are often thought to be the same from the day their person is born to the day their person dies - they do not grow or change as the seasons and years pass afterall. However, that is only the surface level and there is much more to every companion than is immediately obvious.
"A companion is like a lake and most people only ever see the surface. Some find what they believe is the bottom of the lake but they just haven't yet realized they have entered an endless ocean."


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