"What? This here horse? She's been with me as long as I can remember. Even when I was a little boy on the banks of Autumn Isle she was a mature horse. Look at us, my skin wrinkles and my hair has long since turned white but she is as beautiful as the day we met."
— Kel the Coachman

What are Companions?

Whenever a person is born, they are not born alone, something else begins to exist as if it appeared out of nowhere. These beings follow - or sometimes lead - their person through life, always there. Companions cannot be killed though some can become injured but will recover over time. If a companion is ever completely destroyed - such as if it were to be turned to ash or fall into lava - it would simply reappear at some point in the future.   Companions do not have to agree with their person or even obey their commands. Relationships with companions vary from friendly to adversarial but never hostile for they are connected, when the person dies, so does the companion. In almost every situation this mutual survival will compel the companion to aid its person.

Infinite Diversity

Every companion is unique and there is seemingly no limit to what a companion can be. Animals, animate objects, swarms, arcane beings, monstrous humanoids, things that resemble abstract ideas, and more. From bears to spirit wolves, shadows to lanterns, and satchels to swarms of disembodied hands, the possiblities seem to be endless.   Some can be similar in form - two may have the shape of a fox but never will the two be identical. Companions with the greatest similarity seem to be random and not tied to blood or region.
"There have been many attempts to categorize companions. Ruseau, Gennive, Tokah, each created a different method by which to sort companions into groups. Each has failed for companions - as much as they are a part of our lives - defy understanding."
— Korik Angelfar


The world was not always filled with companions. Once, long ago, there were only people. Everything changed when the Rite of Mon-Aere was performed. Without any intention to change the world in such a way, companions were unleashed upon the world as the next dawn broke.


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