Summer Camp 2022 - Day 3

Hello everyone!
  Day 3 has arrived and its full steam ahead. How's the Summer Camp going for y'all? Are you doing the prompts in order, or as the whim strikes you?   Yesterday, we had a ponder about terrain and the different sub-sections of a region. Today, lets have a look at weather!   Weather can be said to be the temperament of a region. Lashing winds, howling storms, thunder and lightning (and very very frightning) all create the atmosphere for a story. Monsoons, regular tidal waves, or wracking hurricanes can define life for cultures within any such region. Rain and mud have decided military campaigns as readily as any weapon. And that's before we enter the rain of the fantastical, where things like flesh-eating rain, clouds of sentient spores, or wandering, gravitational moon beams are all possible. No matter how outlandish they are, we have to think how the people who live there, day to day, cope and compensate for such weather.  

What does normal weather look like in your region? How do people use or adapt to it?

What are the abberations that catch people off guard?

by USFS Photo / Alamy Stock Photo

What are the most extreme weather events in the region?

How does the critters living in your region deal with the storms and temperatures?


How have these weather events changed or shaped the region, its terrain, or its life?

What is the weirdest, most unusual weather event in the region?


What do people think control these events? What superstitions and myths revolve around them?

What effect does magic or technology have on these weather events... Or vice versa?

  And once more - what is the story you are trying to tell with your expanse, and how does the weather tell it?     Another fun geography article from times past to inspire ya, this time bye Annie.  
Geographic Location | Jan 15, 2022

The Crossroads, also called the Winding Woods, is a realm of gateways and portals. It resembles a dark forest at night, with four paths that stretch out eternally in each their direction.

  And some inspiration    
by Unsplash (Christopher Ruel)
by Unsplash (Joshua Earle)
Have fun writing!

Cover image: by Unsplash (Ethan Robertson)


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