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Crystal River

The Crystal River flows from the Frozen Peaks, to the Wester Ocean. Acting as a natural border for StormHavne and Aminara.


The Crystal River begins in the Frozen Peaks, a cursed mountainous area where it always snows, near the bottom the Ice is able to thaw, and feeds into the river, making the water crystal clear. The Crystal River then flows in a winding path before finally making it to the Western Ocean.    The River is known to shine in the sunlight, and feeds into the farmlands on its north and south sides, its water is sought after by alchemist for its purity.

Localized Phenomena

The Shimmering Lake is known to have geysers appear at random, believed to be signs of the Spirit of the Lake.

Fauna & Flora

The River itself is populated with a large variety of fresh water fish, and is the only location where Nymphon Water Lilies can be found, these purple water lilies are sought after for their alchemical uses.

Natural Resources

Clean Water and fish are the biggest natural resources offered by the River itself. However the river provides the water needed for the nearby farms on both sides.


The Crystal River's shape was drastically altered by StarFall, the meteors caused the once smooth river to take on a much more jagged appearance, and caused the creation of the Shimmering Lake when a meteor impacted straight into the river.      StormHaven and Aminara have had three wars over Crystal River in recent history, beginning with Aminara attacking StormHaven for the lands south the river, then StormHaven taking the land back, and finally Aminara trying once more to take the lands south of the Crystal River, which brought the Kingdom to rebellion, ending the war. The new King of Aminara, and the King of StormHaven signed the Treaty of the Crystal River. Ending their hostilities over the land and brining both kingdoms to peace within the region, Both vowing to not send armies across the river.


The Shimmering Lake - Formed by the meteors of StarFall the lake is a massive crater turned freshwater lake with a vibrant ecosystem of fish and plants. People come from across Illios to see the Shimmering Lake, researchers believe that the meteors buried below the Lake have a connection to its vibrant nature and thriving ecosystem.    The Crystal Bridge - The main bridge across the river, its creation was a condition of the treaty between StormHaven and Aminara, the two kingdoms built the bridge together, with Aminara controlling the northern half of the bridge, and StormHaven controlling the southern half. - The Bridge is frequented by merchants and travelers as the only guaranteed safe passage between the Kingdoms. And with the hostility before Lorem and StormHaven, the crystal bridge is the now the only way to reach StormHaven by land, as Lorem is along the southern and eastern border of StormHaven, and has done its best to restrict travel to its Ancestral Rival, StormHaven.