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Cover image by Nelly VINCENT from Pixabay
Millfield is one of those idyllic little towns of yore where time is dictated by the rising and setting of the sun. Everyone knows everyone and can rely on each other when you need it.


50% Human 10% Elf 20% Dwarf 15% Half-Elf 5% Other Predominantly working class and peasant


The Aldersman runs the town and oversees the safety of the town. Millfield is a close-knit town with a strong community spirit. Taxes are periodically collected by travelling Rouvray Enforcers. The Supreme Council of Cleroy are then expected to use the taxes to maintain the settlements of Cleroy, including Millfield. Wrongdoers are dealt with by the Aldersman who then sends guilty parties to Rouvray for detainment.

Industry & Trade

Hunters and butchery, Farmers, Millers, Bakery, Brewery, Smithy.


Millfield's infrastructure is somewhat basic, being only a small township. However, it is rather self-sufficient with all the basic building blocks of resources available to the villagers without too much effort.


Millfield boasts the best brewery in Cleroy, and arguably Iklarel, with its fine arable land producing the best hops. It also supports a large mill processing a large amount of wheat and grain for the region's bakeries, with much of the yield being sent to Rouvray

Guilds and Factions

Hunter's Guild


Millfield is a simple town where the townsfolk try to keep out of the wider politics of the region. However it has seen a lot of changes to leadership and borders over the years, being close to the former border of the the Xandial Empire it was part of, within the country borders formerly known as Taesai. After the fall of the empire, and the border change, Millfield became part of a new country named Cleroy, under the leadership of Albious Cleroy and the Supreme Council of Cleroy.


The buildings of Millfield are very simple and wooden board styled with oiled finish as most can not afford anything fancier than that.


Milfield is bordered by the Taesai Woods and small patch of hills to the southwest and west, and the Sondheim Mountains range to the south. A large lake, the Valpinal Expanse, lies a few miles to the northeast.

Natural Resources

Millfield has access to a range of natural resources which has largely contributed to its survival. Its proximity to the forest has enabled it to run a thriving lumber and carpentry trade, as well as butchery from the hunts by the hunters guild. The arable fields also make for great farming, giving the town a generous supply of grains and wheat with a strong mill trade, and hops for the brewery producing arguably the finest ales in Iklarel.

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