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Prismatic Tools

A New Technology Revolutionizing The Soulventuring Business
[...] these students have created tools with which people can harvest magical flora without losing its magical properties! With this, scholars around Ignotas can finally study these plants in labs and not out in the Fog.
Clockwork Courier Article

Masterminds in the Makin

Yesterday, the last projects of this years graduating class of the Rox Academy were presented. Topping off their class and earning the prize for the best project were two Beastiarians that created what they call "Prismatic Blades".

Interview with Luke Caravar Othryk

"So what exactly are Prismatic Blades?"
Prismatic Blades are metal alloys infused with crystallized magic. With them, plants can be cut at their stem without oozing out their magic uncontrollably. The blades not only cut off the stem, but close the open "wound" instantaneously.
"But how can these blades achieve such a thing?"
As you can see, the blades sides are not flat, but a bit rough and bumpy, like a broken mirror. When the knife cuts through the plant, these bumps slide by the opening and leave tiny crystals behind. These crystals then absorb the magic flowing from the plant towards it, absorb it and grow bigger, shutting off any way outside of the plant.
"Fascinating! I imagine there was a lot of research going into this project. But stepping away from the past and present, how do you think this technology can impact the future of magical research?"
We plan on creating a multitude of tools, a Prismatic Toolset of you will. We definitely are looking towards building a Prismatic Glaive with which the entire process can be steamrolled for the Botanists, but we are also looking into tweaking the design to not only allow for flora, but also fauna culling with a tool named the Prismatic Lynx. For me as a Beastiarian, this is what I am looking forward to the most.
Thank you for your time, enjoy the rest of your evening.


With new inventions come critique. And the main point brought up was the wear and tear of the blades. If the crystals break off the blade, is it just useless after a while? To which the creators have answered to "simply read the documentation". Inside it, it describes the crystals to be regrowable through magical input. So either magic is funneled into it manually through a caster, or through a recharge station that was developed alongside the blades.
Luke Caravar Othryk
Gerard Pete Brökker
Haley Seanne Othryk (formerly Kasastall)
Prismatic Glaive
Prismatic Lynx
Prismatic Glaive
Prismatic Dagger


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