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Encounter Report: Harvester
On todays mission we encountered yet another Harvester. Fortunately it was another child with only two staffs, which we were able to fend of and escape. Only minor injuries were inflicted on both sides.


We know that Harvesters are knowledgeseeking at heart. They hunt people to craft their staffs, often resorting to killing their prey since it is easier for them to obtain the needed "materials" that way. Sometimes, they allow the person to hand over their knowledge peacefully in return for their lives, upon which the knowledge fades from the persons mind, as if they had never learned it to begin with. And since we are in our final year of the Academy, we disengaged from that fight as fast as we could.

Physical Appearance

Like any other Harvester, it was a humanoid creature with tattered robes. We weren't able to discern any facial features yet again due to the blackness under the hood. This one was younger, though not so young as to still be with its parents. Though quite lost while not actively spotting us, once it did, it wasted no time coming at us.

Accessories and Weaponry

Excerpt, Beastiary Harvester Entry:

Harvesters typically carry a multitude of Staffs with which they can hunt their prey. These staffs can range from gapclosing teleports to area of effect roding flames. The Harvesters craft these themselves out of various materials, using the knowledge of humans as conduits.

This Harvester specifically, to our luck, only had a self-healing rod and a thunderbolt staff with which he had little utility to keep us engaged.

Physical Mutation

Most adult Harvesters have unimaginable physical power due to them not only absorbing the theoretical knowledge, but also the physical capabilities to perform the newly learned tasks. Thankfully, this child has not yet consumed that many humans, as we were able to outmaneuver it after a good half hour chase.
More and more sightings of these creatures are reported sicne we started expanding into the Foreverglade. We have to be ready and look for ways to counteract their abilities for us to expand further northwest.
Hieren Bijlgrot Garrett
Scientific Name
Homo Obscura Anthromorphus
Average Height
230cm or 7'5ft
Average Weight
130kg or 290lbs
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by
Child Harvester
Adult Harvester


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