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The sky is dark and the air is cold. The sea whistles in the wind. Iastarene is the harsh island community in which your story begins. In the aftermath of a continent shattered by war, you must choose your own path of survival.

Explore the Island of Iastarene...

    Iasterene is a place of stories and of songs, of mystery and of magic, but, most importantly, it is a place that tells a tale of justice. In a dark fantasy, low magic setting with links to Celtic mythology, the world of Iastarene explores a divided society, and the consequences of not respecting those who are different.

...and its people

  A diverse range of people inhabit The Isles of Iastarene: from the men, elves and dwarves that inhabit the land, to the selkie-folk that seek refuge in the deep ocean. Explore the cultures and traditions of these unique groups of people and the effect the Great War has had on their individual communities. Here you can read the histories of the many people that inhabit The Isles and hopefully learn more about them.

Adventurers wanted

Do you think you've got what it takes to survive alone in this harsh wilderness or do you think that you will make friends with your unforgiving, suspicious neighbours? Both unlikely, but if you think you've got the strength, determination and courage to create a life for yourself on The Isles then step right up! We need you now more than ever...