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South Iastarene

The air is damp and water clings to your face and hair as you stare out across the ocean. Behind you the morning sun shines out over the rooftops. Across the water are the ports of The North Island, shrouded in rain. You are thankful that atleast you don't live there...


Unlike in the North, the landscape here mainly consists of vast expanses of treeless plains. There are very few natural forests so it is considered a desirable location to live by those who work the land. The climate is also warmer here, with less rain. The South Islands are a common place for adventurers and travellers to stay for a few days.  


The South Islands are mainly home to the dwarves and those who work for them. Further out, on the smaller islands, there is also a large number of farmers and fisherfolk. The South Island itself is home to most of the important officials and rulers of Iastarene, making it one of the greatest toursit locations in the Isles.


  • The South Island

    The south Island is the second largest Island in Iastarene. It is home to Ostarith, one of the Isle's twin capitals, and is inhabited by the Lord of Dwarves and his family. Outside of the city, there are also a number of small farming villages and towns.
  • Longmoor

    Longmoor is a medium sized island to the southeast of the South Island. It has no forests, has a couple of major towns, and is mainly inhabited by farmers and their families
  • Lightvalley

    Lightvalley is a fairly small island home to a few fishing families. Legend tells that many years ago it was blessed by the selkiefolk and that the water there always runs clear.
  • Moonhollow

    Moonhollow is the smallest of the islands and has been empty for many years. Some say that it is haunted and ghosts can still be seen walking amongst the ruined village.

Map of the Isles

The sky is dark and the air is cold. The sea whistles in the wind. Iastarene is the harsh island community in which your story begins. In the aftermath of a continent shattered by war, you must choose your own path of survival.

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