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Silent Princess

Basic Information


The silent princess is a flower with 5 white petals with a blue center, it has various green filaments sprouting around a center pistil that is tipped with gold.

Ecology and Habitats

The silent princess grows thickest near high concentrations of magic, such as faerie fountains and the Lost Forest. It used to also proliferate near Old Castle Village though in recent years it's become harder and harder to find.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The silent princess is known to have healing properties. Even chewing on a raw flower can help a person regain some vitality, though to obtain the best effects it is best ground down and made into a paste for use on wounds, or brewed fresh as a tea for internal ailments.   It is said that in the hands of an alchemist, healing potions much stronger than the norm can be crafted using the silent princess as one of the ingredients.   The flower's petals, dried, can be brewed into a tea that can help fend off exhaustion and cure stomach upsets, and helps in the healing of many natural based poisons.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Foud throughout the The Lost Woods and near Old Castle Village, it can also be found in some areas of the Hebra highlands and Necluda valleys.
The flower blossoms for approximately 30 days before it wilts and spreads it's seed.
Average Height
4 inches to 1 foot
This flower was named after Princess Zelda, though they say our current Princess dislikes them. They remind her of how fragile she is, and how everyone around her just wishes to use her. It's a pity, really. And now they're dying out. I blame all those monsters Ganondorf's.. I mean, KING Ganondorf has unleashed on the land.
— Healer Maggie from Hateno Village

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