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How to use this UDS

Written by Mel'Aad
Thank you for purchasing this copy of the Human Survival Guide. This Universal Data Structure (UDS) contains an incomplete guide to various manners of Humans. As more information about Humans becomes available, additions will be automatically updated. Before interacting with Humans it is advised to consult this guide to not misunderstand their customs. The default language of this UDS is set to automatic, meaning that the translator tool from your device will automatically translate this UDS to the device's language. The default language can be changed in the local UDS settings menu. Use the translated version at your own risk, any problems encountered due to faults in translation cannot be blamed on the creator.


With the recent the discovery of γ-F5-23, or Earth as Humans call it, and thus the expansion of the Gamma sector, I found it important to record my interactions after my own encounter with one of these Humans as that first encounter was enough to scare me, and most of the crew on board the Hiknoid space vessel, out of the stars. Later, after being introduced to more of the Humans and taken aboard their own spacecraft, I found that it had not been their intention to act so frightening and that they merely had no idea how to behave as that was also their first encounter with other sentient species.   Talking to these Humans has been fascinating and very educational as Humans have many characteristics and manners not shared by the gross population of other species. Currently, I've been living on board the Humans' spacecraft, the ESS Happy Days, for about a quarter shipcycle, which, according to the Human crew members, is about 3 Human "months". So far I've managed to become acquainted with the Human captain, Ezra Hayes, who was kind enough to offer me a place on board for their further travels. I've learn a fair bit about Human customs and traditions from both the captain and his crew. The most notable custom Humans seem to share among themselves is their perception of their own planet. This perception is not, by any means, shared with other species. Please be adviced to be very careful when asking Humans about their home planet as many aspects may be frightening. For this UDS, γ-F5-23, Earth, is unofficially classified as a 1-C7 planet, based on the conversations I managed to have with the captain and crew.   This UDS will bring much needed clarity and understanding about Humans, detailing many aspects of both their biology and their culture. Referencing this document before or during a Human is highly advised. Although it can be read for pleasure as it will contain various real world examples, which have been labeled as "funny" by the Human crew.

About the author

Mel'Aad is an esteemed Kal'Ten writer, well known for his field work on various planets and inhabitants of the furthest regions in the Beta sector. Coming from β-D4-13, Kal'Iter, he is used to surviving harsh climates and dangerous situations as β-D4-13, Kal'Iter, is currently rated as a 1-B5 planet.   As a youngin, Mel'Aad had always been fascinated with the diversity of species found on β-D4-13, Kal'Iter, and especially with the cultural differences between them and the Kal'Ten. His interest in writing appeared as he grew older and in school he worked as a reporter for the journalism club. Mel'Aad studied journalism and intergalactic relations during his time at IUH. After working as a journalist for many shipcycle, he now dedicates his time to being a full time writer and traveling.   Over the years Mel'Aad has published various guides which are universally recognized to provide comprehensive information, which are used by various official authorities when dealing with lesser known species.

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Cover image: by Eallixy, picture by NASA (via Unsplash)


Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it! Likes and comments are always greatly appreciated and feedback is more than welcome :) Please do not share my work outside of the WA site or the WA discord without consent and please tag or notify me if you dropped a link on before mentioned platforms, thanks in advance.

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Grandmaster nnie
Annie Stein
19 Jun, 2021 17:09

This human wishes to label this article as a "great read". Mel'Aad is certainly an estimable author, this human especially wants to commend the generous use of tooltips to explain any foreign terminology.

19 Jun, 2021 17:19

Thank you for the comment! I now have a spreadsheet dedicated to all the used tooltips. They are a great tool for explaining things that don't yet have an article and excerpt with info :)

Kaigan Check out what my players are exploring in the high fantasy world of Kaigan.
Human Survival Guide Read about Mel'Aads adventures as he tries to understand the newly found species "Humans" aboard their space ship.
20 Jun, 2021 23:47

This was a fantastic world primer! I really enjoyed reading this. As a (begrudging) human, i must say that reading how an alien perceives our species is quite a interesting thought! Great job. :)

21 Jun, 2021 09:10

Thanks! I'm quite proud myself on how it came out, I think it's a good introduction to the feel and theme that I want to (try to) convey in the rest.

Kaigan Check out what my players are exploring in the high fantasy world of Kaigan.
Human Survival Guide Read about Mel'Aads adventures as he tries to understand the newly found species "Humans" aboard their space ship.