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Blood Berries

Blood Berries are large fruits and are named after their bright pink colour. These berries are very popular in Hooman society and are used for drinks, flavourings and dyes.


Blood Berries come from large bushes which can grow from 8 - 12 feet in height. Before the berries are produced,
The Berries are soft and juicy, making them a target for many creatures to be eaten. Some hoomans have described the texture to be like tender meat.

Ecology and Habitats

Homeworld Blood Berries can be found all over the planet, Nasgovian Blood Berries are mostly only found on farms and rarely out in the wild.
The wilder variants are more likely to vary in size and texture, with the domesticated berries specifically produced to be as sweet and soft as possible.  
Blight Berries
Blight Berries are a variant that has been affected by the Pink Blight. These Berries are edible to Hoomans who have the disease, but hoomans who don't are highly recommended to not eat them just in case they get afflicted.
Blight Berries have a deeper reddish-pink colour to them and have lost their round shape. The berries have a sour taste to them.

Growth Rate & Stages

Blood Berries become ready to harvest at 18 months which a bush will produce an estimate of 0 - 400 per harvesting season.   The bushes need to be maintained as it is susceptible to being eaten by pests. If left unmaintained, unpicked Blood Berries will eventually fall from the bush and break, leaving residue that attracts creatures to eat it. While the berry seeds are passed through the creature to grow somewhere else, the bushes usually don't survive.
  The best way to keep the bushes maintained is to pick all the berries when ripe and trim any overgrowth. This can give the bush a lifespan of about 15 - 20 years.


When dried and ground up, Blood Berries can be used to dye clothing and various other things. Depending on the concentration used it can create strong, pink colouring. (The berries also have the habit of staining clothing if you're not careful).
  Blood berries are a common ingredient in drinks and are mostly used to sweeten or brighten up the colour of the liquid. Some Hoomans also like to mix it into their food (both normally and dried).
  • 2 years (Wild)
  • 15-20 Years (Domesticated)
Conservation Status
Least Concern - Hoomans purposely grow these berries to eat, and are unlikely to stop anytime soon.
Average Height
8 - 12 ft (Bushes)
Average Weight
70 - 100g (Berries)
Geographic Distribution


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