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I use worldbuilding as an excuse to draw dumb things.

Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy drawing the most, though I also like graphic design too.   If i'm not doing either of those, or maladaptively daydreaming, i enjoy reading up on strange things like: conspiracy theories (the fun ones), cryptids, the paranormal, aliens, generally anything weird. I also enjoy reading into bizarre internet history.

Favorite Movies

Ghost in the Shell

Favorite TV Series


Favorite Books

Houseki no Kuni, Dungeon Meshi.

Favorite Games

Black Mesa, Carrion, Chuzzle, Dark Souls Series, Dead Cells, Death Road to Canada, Fallout Series, Frostpunk, Heat Signature, Inscryption, Loop Hero, Mini Motorways, Noita, Phasmophobia, Portal 1+2, Project Zomboid, Remnant, Rimworld, Risk of Rain 2, Spiral Knights, The Talos Principle, Warframe, World of Horror, XCOM 2.