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Barnabas Stripepaw

Mostly walking on all fours, but sometimes only on the hind-legs, Barnabas Stripepaw serves the patrons of The Wandering Lileon. His hulking frame intimidates most of the (new) customers who threaten to become a problem. Those that behave get to know his gentle nature and his witty sense of humour that brings a smile to anyone's face.  
Ah, my meat fresh is new. How you taste?
— A joking Barnabas

A Striped Oddity

As the only Lileon wandering through Limani, Barnabas is quite the sight to behold. Especially people new to the town who see the gentle giant for the first time, have the shock of a lifetime when he opens his mouth and casually talks. It takes some getting used to, but people soon realise that he cannot hurt a fly.   This gentle giant provides a listening ear to everyone. Barnabas loves to hear other people's stories and ponder over them. The citizens of Limani are aware of this and therefore come to his establishment to vent about the problems they face, or just anything else that comes to mind. His calm and inviting personality makes him very approachable for these rambling sessions.   Barnabas is also a great conversationalist himself. He gets excited when he can discuss his topics of interest to gain the insight and perspective of other people. Brainstorming to come up with a solution to someone's problem is another favourite. These two traits, combined with his welcoming attitude, results in this Lileon knowing what the people of the town and surrounding need. It makes him the ideal person to inform for quests for adventurers of any level.  

The All-Knowing Mystery

While Barnabas has become the staple of Limani, many of its citizens know next to nothing about this giants past. Whenever the topic of his past makes its way into the conversation, the barkeep manages to professionally elude the subject. He will strategically change it to move the discussion away from what he did before coming to town and setting up his tavern. Patrons that continue to pressure Barnabas into revealing more about his past, will receive a stern look as an answer.  
Past me know, alone me.
— Barnabas
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Current Status
Current Location
Current Residence
Fiery Yellow
Bright purple manes
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Apple green fur with anthracite stripes
On hind-legs: 3.6m (11'10")
280kg (620lbs)
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May 6, 2022 23:08 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Really interesting character. I like that you've left his past a mystery. Leaves the reader with lots of questions. :D

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