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Roaming the long stretches of Bani Reshumba, are the Lileons. This large predator travels large distances every day in search of their prey. People who encounter a Lileon are often surprised about the looks of the animal, with its fur consisting of an unusual set of colours. However, its most prominent feature leaves everyone perplexed.  
Hullo, who you?
— A Lileon

Looks are Deceiving

Everything about the Lileons appearance is very deceiving. From its colourful fur that they use to hunt their prey, to their surprising ability to talk. Nothing would suggest that these species should exist, and yet they do.  

Colourful Fur

A bright green fur with anthracite grey stripes cover the hulking frame of the Lileon, which stands 1.5m high and 2.5m long. Starting from the head, masking the chest and spine until halfway the body, the wind ruffles the bright purple manes followed by the sapphire blue tip of the tail. The large claws, used to rip through the skin of their toughest snack, resemble ivory.   Although the colours seem illogical at first, they work perfectly for hunting on the plains of Bani Reshumba. Many of the animals roaming these meadows are colourblind. They perceive the colour green as an orangy yellow, making it a similar colour as the grass and other plants that grow. This colourblindness for green allow the Lileon to blend in with its environment during the hunt perfectly.   The vast expanse is also littered with plants that bear the colour purple for their flowers. Many animals identify these as the food they always eat. With its near invisible coat, and the bright purple manes showing themselves to the world, all the prowling hunter has to do is sit very quietly and patiently wait for prey to approach them.  

Gentle Nature

When approaching or encountering a Lileon, it is understandable that you are cautious. Their enormous claws, which they use to rip open their prey, look intimidating. It does not help them either that their razorsharp teeth are always visible, even when their jaws are shut tight. While they do not like to hurt orthers, a Lileon will do so without second thought when they or their companions feel threatened.   However, underneath that ferocious appearance and fierce personality, is a soft and gentle soul. Lileons are intelligent creatures which has allowed them to learn how to talk. It is one of the few ways for them to share their wisdom with others. They make excellent conversationalists and certainly know how to tell a good story. Hang out with them long enough, and you might gain an extremely loyal companion for life.
Table of Contents
150 years
Average Weight
  • Male: 275kg (600lbs)
  • Female: 200kg (450lbs)
Average Height(Toes to Withers)
  • Male: 1.5m (4'11")
  • Female: 1.2m (3'11")
Average Length(Head and body)
  • Male: 2.5m (8'2")
  • Female: 2.0m (6'6")
Geographic Distribution
Did you know that the Lileons taught the Tartoise to talk? It was an arduous process, but a very rewarding one.

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Apr 20, 2022 19:02

Interesting species! Seeing how they are intelligent however, I'd expect to see a bit more about their society or culture, for example. I loved the detail that they taught another species to talk :D

Apr 20, 2022 19:06

There is indeed a society of Lileons, but no one has "encountered" them before to know much about it. ^^ But yes, I do plan on writing about their culture sometime in the future. :D

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Apr 23, 2022 20:09 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really liked the section about how their camouflage works. Really interesting how they are intelligent enough to have learned how to talk.

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