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You'll never be the same again

Malitosys, otherwise known as "Kookoo k'achoo" or "Multiplying Madness", is a disease that forever alters the identity of an entity, erasing its consciousness with one programmed to simply multiply.

Transmission & Vectors

This disease can be spread by entities requiring interacting with each other verbally along with physical touch. However, simple physical touch upon passing does not spread the disease if entities are not actively engaging each other.


Symptoms quickly manifest within three cycles. After the third day, all usual behavior of the entity is erased, and is instead replaced by an inherent need to interact with as many entities as possible.  

Observed symptoms on the first day:

  • Talking out loud frequently
  • Increase in energy
  • Forgetfulness

Observed symptoms on the second day:

  • Urge interact in social situations
  • Uncontrollable but short twitches/spasms
  • Heightened hunger

Observed symptoms on the third day:

  • Always awake and moving, never being at rest
  • Complete abandonment of identity
  • Milky transparency in the eyes


Once a victim is infected, there is no way going back to who they were, no matter what stage the disease is currently in. When the disease first appeared, attempts have been made to try to treat victims at Mending Clinics. However, there was no success in salvaging the entities' consciences. Instead, many more at those facilities fell to the same condition. This resulted in a quarantine, and eventual destruction of the infected groups.


A sure way to prevent contracting Malitosys is for the Judas predator source to be eliminated before coming into contact with an entity, and also eliminating any infected. Entities are also advised not to interact if they notice or suspect someone infected by totally blanking them and saying nothing.


Malitosys first appeared shortly after the new land mass Securo rose up from the Eternal Ocean, revealing all sorts of new and dangerous creatures never before seen in the System. Many speculate that this disease comes from a predatory creature classified as Judas, noted to mimic the look and shape of entities in order to hide in plain site and find a vulnerable target to infect.

Cultural Reception

This disease is seen as one of the most deadly and debilitating for all life in Navi-PC. Once an entity is infected, they are considered deceased and recovery is a lost cause. Infected entities are viewed as a danger to everyone else. Only authorized Executioners destroy infected entities since they are well equipped to do so in order to mitigate the disease from further spreading. The population suffered tremendous loss during the War of the Threat Wave, before the Anti-threat Order was established to stop the System from total collapse.
Chronic, Acquired


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: Describe the most feared illness or condition in your world?

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