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An Embrace is a structure that serves to protect its patients from the outside world, and is the counterpart to the Hold.
The patients are looked after by armists.

Purpose / Function

Embraces are an institution designed for people who require protection from the outside world and, coincidentally, reduce the effectiveness of society as a whole.
This includes, but is not limited to, the old, infirm and abandoned citizens of the Empire.
People whom this applies to are visited by government officials and introduced to the concept and answer any questions they may have.
The affected may be taken on a trip to visit their local Embrace, where they will meet the staff and patients and tour the premises.

In the Embrace, patients are provided with balanced meals, regular exersise, social gatherings and activities and personalised care.
As in many places in the Empire, all patients have access to an Oad and a Bard, so they may learn all they would like to learn and receive professional guidance and entertainment.
A wide range of leisurely activities are also supported.


The Embrace was born as part of the social social services of the Tightish Empire on its founding, and was another idea from King Edward.
Since its conception it has been very successful, and has greatly increased economic prosperity, quality of life and overall happiness throughout the nation.
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