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The Golden Spire

The Golden Spire is the main government building in Gardelinden, and formerly the Gardemoor Empire. Located in the Central district in the capital city of the Archonate, this huge skyscraper with a gold and marble facade towers over all other buildings in the city

Plans for constructing the Golden Spire were already put in motion by 3 GE. The plans were to make a monumental tower that would serve as the seat of power for the Gardemoor Empire, where all matters of governance would take place. Providing housing for all magisters, libraries and universities where one could learn about history, theology, arcana, politics, and nature, offices and meeting halls for managing day-to-day matters, and of course a throne for the Archon. At the base of the tower there is a grand temple dedicated to all gods within the harmonic pantheon.

Over 4000 years after its construction started, the Golden Spire still looks like a newly built wonder of the world, and is apparently well maintained. Undoubtedly kept in its pristine condition by magic, it comes as no surprise that the building is home to the most powerful mages in the world.

Organizations found within the spire include (but are not limited to):
The logo for the Central district of the Archonate is a stylized image of the Golden Spire. It is quite the contrast from the actual building, which is made from white marble.

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