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Central Special Affairs and Investigations

The Central Special Affairs and Investigations (or CSAI for short) is one of Gardelinden's intelligence agencies, operating first and foremost in the capital city of the Archonate. Their headquarters, as is common for all governmental agencies, are located within the Golden Spire in the Central District. Though also responsible for covert operations, counter-terrorism, and church security, the primary duty of the CSAI is to provide elite crime investigators to the guard departments of the Archonate.

A CSAI investigator normally operates on their own, usually only cooperating with the locals when it suits their interest. Utilizing their own personal network of informants, and procuring evidence through not-so-legal means, they’re rarely required to report back to their agency.

Loved, hated, respected, feared, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the investigators, especially with the local guards they’re assigned with.
Government, Law Enforcement

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