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Marûagir is a city state located on a peninsula in the inner ocean of northern Cadenar. Founded by people emigrating from the Archonate sometime around the year 100 GE, and further merged with the native dragonborn settlements, it gave life to the Children of the First Flame by introducing the concept of organized religion to the natives.

Having an equal population of humans and dragonborn, the city early developed a convoluted dueling system to turn racial and cultural tensions into a sport of camaraderie, drama, and theatrics. Refined over three millennia, the Marûagir dueling culture has evolved into an essential part of everyday life in the city, which now is home to the finest fencers in the world.


Humans and dragonborn have always made up the two, approximately equally large groups of people that together make up the majority of the population. A mix of native dragonfolk and humans of he Archonate, they are now part of the same culture. Over time, the city has also seen an increase in other races, elves, gnomes, halflings, and even dwarves call Marûagir their home. In addition to dragonborn, other reptiloids who claim common ancestry with dragons have flocked to the city. These include kobolds, grung, tortles, and lizardfolk.

The city is, unfortunately, rampant with organized crime, slavery of both the legal, "indentured servitude"-kind and the kidnapping kind, small scale piracy, and large scale political war. Because of all this, no census can reasonably be held, though the total population is estimated to be around 300000.


The city is separated into five regions, which are further divided into districts. There are 24 districts in total, 22 of which are lead by either a noble Lord Mayor or the head of a monastery, an Abbot. In addition to these there are several settlements spread around the peninsula that are considered to be part of the city state's territory, but not part of the city itself.

The city is architecturally consistent in the fact that most houses, regardless of region or wealth, are built with limestone brick foundations, timber-framed living areas, and red or blue clay tile roofing.

Governmental region

There are two districts within the governmental region, the Overseer's District and Citadel Island. These two districts are the only ones not led by a Lord Mayor. These are rather the home of the Lord Overseer, leader of the city state, and the Lord Warden, the head of court

The Overseer's District is mainly built on a rocky plateau peninsula on the south side of the city. Home to the oldest buildings in the city, and arguably some of the most important, here you'll find the overseer's palace and it's impressive gardens, the mage guild Arcana Imperii, the Yeagin Library, and the Watcher's Castle. Separating this peninsula to the rest of the city is the first defensive wall built here, still standing thousands of years after its construction.

Citadel Island is located in the city's bay, and is home to the criminal courts, the navy's main fortress named the Saltwater Citadel, along with its own high security prison: the Stormpits. Strictly a military district, the only civilian population here is found in the prisons.

Inner wall region

Located between the first and the second wall built in the city, the aptly named inner wall region is home to the rich noble families whom trace their lineage back to the first settlers. There are six districts within this region, Corellia, Aradak District, Marûagir Riviera, Champion’s Row, Dragon’s Quarters, and The Old Central. Found within these are numerous theaters and dueling grounds, large villas, schools for both academia and fencing, and expensive shops.

Most important for the collective population in the city, Champion's Row is where the magnificent Champion Arena is located, a grand stadium with several amphitheaters for dueling. A place to put on highly theatrically choreographed duels providing entertainment on special occasions, or a place for extravagant dueling tournaments. For those people dedicated to the sport of fencing, of which there are many in Marûagir, winning in the Champion Arena is how your name goes down in history as a dueling legend.

Middle region

Surrounded by three walls and three beaches, on the center of the peninsula is the middle region. Another six districts are found here: Downtown, Stone Curtain, Saint Yawar Cemetery, Old Fringe, Ancestral Sanctum, and Lower Riviera. Not only the "middle" in name and geography, these districts are home to the average middle class working people, and the majority of dragonborn are found among them here.

The actual epicenter of the now world wide religion, Children of the First Flame, is found in the Ancestral Sanctum, where the most dedicated of dragonkin built a monastery dedicated to draconology. Worshipers of the first flame are buried in mounds at Saint Yawar Cemetery, a cemetery so big it had to become its own administrative district.

The largest district in this region is Downtown, which is often referred to as a condensed version of the inner wall region. The biggest market and bazaar, a large forum, an arena for chariot racing and jousting are all located here. For most people, this is the heart of the city.

Outer wall region

The outer wall region is located east of the middle region, between the outermost wall of the city and a river, and it has five districts: New Church District, Riverside, Midtown, Edgefield, and Monastery Road. Due to recent conflict with a neighboring city state, Kavivil, all but the Midtown and Monastery Road districts fell into ruin and disrepair. After feeding the city funds to the war machine just enough to get a truce in place, a deal was struck with the Archonate to repair and maintain these district, at the cost of some of their sovereignty.

Outskirt regions

Connected parts of the city found outside the defensive walls, beyond the river, or across the bay are called outskirts, and within these outskirts there are five districts: Eastern Outskirts, Western Outskirts, Fisherman's District, Slipway Yards, and Aurum Hills. Farmland, mining, repair docks, and fish are the defining words of the outskirts, where the poorest people work so that the richest people may eat.

Of note is the city's second monastery where dragonkin monks provide shelter for refugees and travelers alike, and produce melomel in large quantities.

Duels in Marûagir

Culturally, the city is extremely appreciative of sword fighting, and considers the different fighting styles to be works of art. Theater plays here are often just elaborately choreographed and long sword fights. Both nobles and commoners may call for a duel to settle disputes. Farmers having land quarrels? Duel. Gang wars gone on for too long? The lieutenants duel. Nobles insulting each other? Got to have a duel. Mass bar fight broke out? Let’s all settle down and have ourselves a nice little duel instead. Many institutions of learning and study teaches fencing first, reading and writing second. Talented bladesmiths are in high demand to produce the finest swords, and many a jeweler base their entire business on hilt decorations.

There are a lot of unwritten conventions when it comes to honor in dueling. Leaving an opponent alive, even though it was agreed upon to fight to the death is very honorable. Admitting defeat during a duel when you are clearly outmatched is honorable. Challenging someone to a duel where you are clearly stronger, or challenging without justification is considered dishonorable. Not adhering to the agreed upon terms of a duel is not only dishonorable, but unlawful, and may in extreme cases lead to a death sentence.


Led by Lord Overseer Hector Horatius
Lord Warden Kiniun
Lord/Lady Mayors
Abbot Iberitanar Natratomelen
Abbot Bautura de Livada
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