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Dio Gavino

Dio “the Baron” Gavino is the alleged leader of the Barony gang in Marûagir. Part of society's highest (and lowest) echelon, Gavino is one of the city's most successful businessmen, banking in on import/export of goods and services for third parties. He also provides security to many of the city's establishments in the form of bouncers, bodyguards, mercenaries, whatever you're willing to pay for.

Dio is cherished by the poor and downtrodden in his home district of Stone Curtain. He provides a warm meal to them every day through his soup kitchen, shelter for those in need of it, and has even been known to take care of drug addicts, all free of charge.

His nickname "the Baron" was given to him by an Ortalian dwarf when he first was getting into the transportation business. The dwarf told him he had the composure and business sense of a baron, and the nickname stuck with him.

The Barony

Allegedly, all the business ventures of the Baron are merely distractions from where he really gets his money from. Import/export goes hand in hand with his major smuggling and trafficking operations, in which he procures illicit wares, substances, and slaves for those willing to pay.

His company, or gang rather, is appropriately called the Barony. He picks out his recruits from the poor of his district and gives them food, shelter, and training in return for loyalty. Many of his recruits were picked up as orphaned children, which has allowed Dio to raise them into being exactly what he wants them to be: cronies with allegiance only to him. These cronies provides muscle for hire, protection for his smuggling ventures, and brawns for racketeering.

Even drug addicts serve a purpose within his gang. While under Gavino's roof they will get a certain amount of narcotic substances every week, some of which they will get to keep. These substances are usually sold by the Barony. What they don't get to keep is supposed to be used for assaulting unassuming weaklings, in hopes of getting them involuntarily addicted. While a certain few of the addicts take the lot and leave, many do as they are supposed to to insure a consistent means of getting high every week. While this method is strange, it has proven to drastically improve drug sales.

The Baron

A genius businessman, a highly strategic mob boss, and a true sadist. Most people do not know the true nature of Dio Gavino. "Just another rich guy" to some, "a good man for the community" to others, but those who truly know him learn to fear him. Taking great pleasure in torture, he is quick to come up with an excuse to do so. Anyone trespassing into his "territory" may be subject to random "interrogations," and few leave alive. Those that do leave alive are sold as slaves. While most are left unassuming, the other criminal organizations in the city takes note of this, and leave their people far from Stone Curtain if it can be avoided.

Arguably the most horrid ending to his "interrogations," the Baron keeps a collection of "dolls." People that have been taxidermied, a process starting while they are still alive. Allegedly these "dolls" are kept in Dio's bedroom, and only the gods knows what horrid acts he commits in there.
Current Location
Current Residence
Stone Curtain, Marûagir

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Author's Notes

Warning: May contain written imagery that some would find disturbing. I sure find it disturbing.

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