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Captain Kommen Visser

Kommen Visser is Fatan's Captain. The crew aboard the ship was called The Lost when they didn't return to Dethion. Kommen was part of the mission that crossed The Anomaly for the first time, along with First Officer Kaja Elezi and the pilot Kudret Aydin. After that success, Fatan's mission was authorized.

Son of Pogron

-I'd do anything for my homeland.
-This mission may mean your death.
-I'd gladly die for our victory.
-Very well. The mission is yours.
— Kommen Visser and a superior.

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Kommen was born and raised in one of the rural areas of Pogron. He descended from a family moulded by the army. Even his parents met in the service military and served their country for many years.

From a young age, Kommen showed great love for his homeland, bravery, and inspiring leadership skills, and he was merciless against those he considered his enemies. No matter how big or small the issue he was facing. These qualities proved to be a great asset in his military career. He joined the army at his 18 years old, the same year the war between Pogron and Asnar started.

He has a younger brother, one of the few that didn't follow the family tradition because an injury in battle left him without an arm. Kommen always felt guilty because he was his superior in that mission, one he insisted in bringing his brother along. Despite this, his brother never held a grudge against him.

Kommen never married or fathered children. He devoted his entire life to the service of Pogron and expanding his greatness. Nevertheless, his little brother had two daughters, and Kommen loves them very much. He often tells them stories about his victoriesm and his nieces considere him a hero.

Final mission

-Captain, will you lead them to victory?
-Yes, in the name of our great nation, I will.
-No matter the cost?
-I'll do whatever it takes.
— Kommen Visser and Pogron's leader
Kommen specialized as a pilot during the war against Asnar. His superiors have rewarded him for his loyalty and warned him about his stubbornness. These two qualities combined resulted in earning him a reputation for always completing his missions regardless of the consequences. Those who have done their duty under his orders speak of him with a mixture of admiration and fear.

After the truce between the nations, he tested many experimental model tests, and was approached to join the program to explore The Anomaly.

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Kommen gladly accepted and spent years training and studying to be the best captain Pogron could ever offer to the planet. The most difficult part for him was to learn to collaborate with people that were his enemies, as many of the crew were from Asnar or people he considered weak because their country always pushed for peace, like Edrea.

The defining moment in changing his perspective was the first time he crossed The Anomaly in the ship along with Kaja Elezi from Asnar, and Kudret Aydin from Edrea. That experience, knowing he could trust them and they trusted him in return made him realize that they had what it takes to complete their mission.

Kommen is high in the sky with his ship. The control, the helmet, the metallic wings and the weapons surrounding him are at this point in his career, an extension of his body. He would not trade this power for anything. The target is in sight. The enemy never stood a chance against him. Defeating Pogron's enemies is the reason he was born for. He shoots, the enemy is vaporized.
The simulation ends, and Kommen leaves the cabin. Kaja greets him outside and asks him how it went. Kommen friendly claps her shoulder and laughs. They move to the next test.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
5283 47 Years old
Other Affiliations
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Pogron's flag
Under my command, you are forbidden to hesitate, have mercy or show fear. Prove your loyalty to our homeland and you'll have mine.
— Kommen Visser

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In his first years of training, before he became a pilot, Kommen earned the nickname of Hammer because where he hit it was demolished. The name followed him all his career.

Kommen made sure it stayed true to his actions in battle.

-Good luck, brother.
-I won't need it. I have the best crew in the world.
-Something tells me you'll need it.
-Don't be like that. I promise you I'll b back, little one.
— Kommen and his brother

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