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Sudbina's Needle (su-VEE-na)

With this needle, Sudbina weaves and spins the fate of all things. To steal from a god is never an intelligent decision. To steal from the goddess of predators, the First Spider, is even less so. But if one is brave or foolish enough to try and succeed, they could control the destiny of the world.

Descend into the Great Web

Sudbina resides in the realm known as the Great Web. Though it can be reached by the most intrepid adventures or unlucky wanderers, it exists both within and apart from the world. The details of exactly how one may reach this divine realm change with every telling of a story but it can be done. Reaching the Great Web is not the most difficult part.   There are said to be entire cities spun from silk, inhabited by arachnoid creatures and people who are almost like humans. These towns, while not the most hospitable, tend to be neutral or even friendly to travelers. The strands between are far more hostile. Monsterous creatures that ought only to reside in nightmares stalk the webs.   For the adventurer who survives the journey to the lair of the First Spider, the chance to steal her needle is at hand. It is important to remember, however, that all fates are known to Sudbina.  
Sudbina's needle
by Evan Blair (EvanBlairArt)

Needle and Thread

Sudbina is a god. Her power to shapeshift is well known, but her first and natural form is that of a massive spider. In that form she has no need of a needle, to weave and spin are simply in her nature. So it is a mystery how and when her needle came to be. Some subscribe to the theory that she created it for mortals to steal on purpose. She knows all fates, after all. Others say it helped her guide and control her magic as more and more creatures filled the world. In either case, the needle came to be.   A silver needle, engraved with beautiful designs, it is large enough that the average mortal can use it as a lance. Any person who would wield this artifact can alter time and fate, spin silk soft as cashmere and strong as steel, and shackle the souls of any creature they kill.  
Sudbina, the Weaver
Character | Mar 26, 2024
Item type
Unique Artifact


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