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toji: Barred From Death

toji are individuals who have been barred from the cycle of life and death. The word itself is from masuge-dǎo.


The afflicted are effectively cursed with it by the gods. The two who most often are involved with doing so are jensò and hìzámạ́.   The general consensus among mortals is that toji have greatly angered the gods, but that isn't necessarily true. The main reason to make someone a toji is that they are extremely unpredictable and extremely powerful in magic use. Beings with similar skill levels can figure out a way to ascend to godhood from the afterlife (like Some Random Fucker), and a loose canon with the destructive potential of the Chicxulub impactor and no magic limits is something that none of the gods really want to deal with.

Cultural Reception

toji have become the horror stories parents tell their children to scare them into behaving.   The beings themselves are considered taboo, as they have angered the gods. In common folklore, toji are almost always the evil the protagonists fight against. In older, less common myths, toji are benevolent, but lost, spirits who help all they encounter before aimlessly drifting along, trying to find their place in the world.   Other conditions associated with toji, such as Magic Staining/Discoloration are also stigmatized (as is explained in the linked article).
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This is the seal placed on every toji. It features the character for jensò, the life and death cycle, with the bottom portion inverted over the top. This signifies that the cycle is forever closed to the individual.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


toji : immortal, (has kind of a rude/negative connotation, as it only refers to those who pissed off the gods enough to be barred from dying entirely- sometimes used as an insult amongst mortals)

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