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The Other One’s Káyòng

This sword is a bit over 5 ft long (160 cm) total, with the blade itself being a bit under 5 ft and 6.5 cm wide. This weapon has both a name and inscription. The handle is wrapped in █████ for a better grip."The other one" is very, very particular about how they care for the blade (as they are for all of their blades it could be the difference between life and death, victory and defeat, and must be properly respected. Additionally, the blade was blessed by Rei Rip-off, the goddess most revered by Masuge.

It, as a Masuge-forged blade, is heavily enchanted. All such weapons are extremely sharp and can slice through most materials, including armor and shields with minor enchantments. Masuge have both some of the most powerful fire users (can utilize metals with a higher melting point), and some of the most skilled metal specializers (closed practice; only masuge can bestow weapons, and it is not a business; there is no money in it.), which allows for such construction. Furthermore, the blades are blessed by either jenso, hizama, or Rei Rip-off , which is what gives them the near indestructibility and other features. One such feature is that all weapons have a small pocket dimension that they can be stored in and summoned from, though smaller weapons are usually worn normally. The tether between the pocket dimension and the main dimension is the magic of the being the weapon was made for. If the wielder perishes, their blade will become inaccessible to all but the god who blessed it. Said god can alter the blessing to apply to a different being, which is the case for this specific weapon.

There is only one nodachi; it's always been passed to the next after the death of the former wielder. After this, a child is chosen to learn it and become the next to wield it. Usually the child is chosen by the current wielder near the end of their life, but occasionally the wielder dies young and leaves them unprepared. This is what happened to Too, who became a wielder extremely young, and then got transferred to the settlement near a major port due to the brewing conflict on the mainland (idea was that if the fighting carried over, their strongest warrior would be right there to deal with the threat. This is when/where they met Srf, who had also been transferred there at a previous time from a different northern village. They had been chosen to become a wielder as they had already displayed signs of mastery of the bo, tanto, and katana by the age of eight.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
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Related ethnicities
160 cm in total length, blade is 6.5 cm wide

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