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Krimko, the Toymaker

The Toymaker (a.k.a. Kelike Varble)

If there ever were a shop least likely to prosper in the savage north, it must be Krimko's Curiosities & Delights. But that's the perplexing thing, for Krimko, by all appearances, is doing just fine. Sure, he occasionally hosts some rather strange "guests" from "the South," and sure nobody knows what the "curiosities" portion of his store is all about, but the old man never seems to hurt for money.   His background is the majority source of gossip within a town never short of strange rumors about its even stranger residents.   Some say Krimko isn't his real name and that he hails from the south. Possibly from the magic-rich town of Varuum, where he may have attended college. He certainly is educated, and at least some of his knowledge is focused on "The Art" (more specifically, the Dark Arts). Those who assume his proficiency with black magic further the persistent rumor that Krimko was once a member of the dreaded Boorka, from the mage-city of Sage.   The Boorka are feared as much for their "code of ethics" as their dark rituals. They follow the maxim, "Do what thou wilt." Even so (for those who believe such gossip) Krimko was cast out from the Boorka for being too extreme... even for them. Nobody knows why, and nobody really wants to find out. Yet with everything said about him, the old man never has an ill word for anyone else within Bramble's walls. He's also never been sited for so much as littering, and contributes funds to public projects and improvements of all sizes. One thing that isn't rumor, if Krimko were to ever leave, Bramble itself may very well cease to be.  

Krimko's Shoppe

Mental characteristics


It is known (or at least widely believed) that Krimko was previously employed as a member of The Boorka in Sage. He may or may not have gone by a different name at that time.   If this is true, it heavily implies that he studied at The Tower of Light in Varuumae Corona, assumedly in his youth.

It is assumed Krimko is of Good Alignment
Current Location
Biological Sex
We only know of one romantic relationship in Krimko's past. He was for a time entangled with the ex-Boorka named Zelna Lencore.
Bright Green
Skin Tone
180 lbs
Aligned Organization
The Boorka

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