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Essendra Halbion

"The Queen in Exile..."

Essendra Halbion is the current lord of House Halbion, which briefly held the Wyeth throne after the Sundering but before the Restoration of the crown. It is rumored that she covets the crown of Wyeth, much like her great grandfather, many years past.   Essendra is herself a warlock of some power and renown. Her allegiance is to her patron, an aberration from the Outer Dark. Faldrighel, the great beast who even Krytuss serves (and who is the true lord of corruption and the yoke that Krytuss seeks to get out from under).   As a young child, Essendra was shipped to Varuum after her great grandfather, Palant Halbion, lost the throne of Wyeth to the upstart war hero (and blood heir), Jothan Wyeth, during the Restoration of the Crown. House Halbion was finally ruined “for good” through its attempt to hold the throne (amidst public protest), and many within its halls were tried for treason and executed. Palant, himself, was beheaded (though his head would later disappear).  

The fall of Halbion.jpg
  Fear that any heir to the throne (for all its faults Halbion had as many Duchesses and Dukes) might be taken by the sword, is what motivated the infant Essendra's transfer. What is unknown for certain is whether or not she was born when legend states... during the Restoration itself. If this were to be the case, the seemingly young lady would actually be over one hundred years old. Some say this is merely part of her "frightening mystique," one cultivated purposely from fiction to strike fear (and respect) in her enemies. In this case, she would have been born (more recently) in exile, either secretly in Hariel Majour or perhaps in the Varuum itself. In any case, Varuumae Corona is currently her home.   As a child in Varuum, Essendra's latent magical talent was discovered and nurtured. She even trained to become a Custodian, but during her research into the occult, she discovered her patron-to-be, Faldrighal. He pulled her away from her current path to worship him full time. After the disastrous turn for the Lentokki at Celene (The Second Sundering), Faldrighal saw Essendra as a more viable vehicle to bring his power back in the land.   With the gods in their current "dream state" on the prime, their lost followers yearned for a deity they could interact with. Now here enters this beautiful servant of an incredible new god. One who answered prayers as well. And who only asked for loyalty in return. For now. Faldrighal thrives on corruption and misery. Human sacrifice pleases him more than any other homage or offering.  
queen in exile.jpg
  Shortly after the remaining Halbions escaped from Wyeth, one of Essendra's closest caretakers (now advisor), the seer-witch Laganonis, brought the young girl a bizarre gift. The recovered head of her great grandfather, Palant. Seemingly enchanted with necromantic magic, the head allegedly "talks" to Essendra, advising her now, as it apparently did over the years of her maturation. This is but a rumor, however when witches such as Laganonis are involved, rumors are often backed by grizzly facts. Whatever the case, Essendra is not alone in her plotting and scheming, and her ambitions are growing by the day.  
the seer of Halbion.jpg
  Essendra is sometimes attended by a young girl of twenty, Essein Halbion, who may either be her younger sister or, if legend is to be believed, her own great granddaughter. Essein is an adventurer, and often leaves the court in Varuum to undertake some grand escapade. She is a wild card, and often drives Essendra mad. She's also one of the only people the "Queen in Exile" loves.  
Essein Halbion.jpg

Year of Birth
1328 (114 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Born amidst the chaos of the Restoration of the Crown of Wyeth. This is the story, at least. For if this were to be true, the young woman would have died many years past.
Circumstances of Death
Essendra maintains perfect youth to a degree seemingly impossible without the help of necromantic magic.
Steel Grey
Raven Black

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