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DAEMISTAAL   (demon-kin)   Hit Points: 1d6   Speed: 30’   Weapon Training: dagger, javelin, longbow, long sword, short bow, short sword, staff, spear, two-handed sword.   Armor: Daemistaal suffer the same iron armor restriction as elves. Further, they are susceptible to holy water.   Alignment: Due to infernal ties, they tend to be chaotic.   Infravision: 60’.   Magic: As Elf, however spells are innate* (no spellbook).   Action Dice may be used for attacks or innate abilities.*   Fire Resistance: 1/2 damage from fire.   Fiendish Features: Roll to determine features. -2 to any PER check against “civilized” humans.   Planetouched: Gain 1 (or more) beneficial and (usually) 1 detrimental demonic ability from p.18 and/or unique looks from the Table below (page 36).   True Name: May be summoned/banished as if demon (Type III), -2 to Save.   Unholy Blood: May be turned by Clerics able to affect demons/devils.   Attack/Action Die/Save: As Elf.   Other Abilities: As Elf, but does NOT include Patron Bond (neither spells nor patron) or Slow Chameleon.   Luck: As Elf, one (innate) spell of their choice.   Languages: Common, Abyssal/Infernal, Elven.   Secret Lore: Daemistaal are (typically) born from “normal” Vala’Suun/human parents. Upon birth, their infernal features cannot be hidden. Their parents believe this to be a curse from the gods, for their part in The Sundering. Note that all elves are directly related to demons.    


  As Vala'Suun "elves" are one result from the merging of Kelti and human bloodlines, so are the Daemistaal yet another. In a typical mixed-race birth, the resultant child typically exhibits either full Kelti traits, or predominantly human traits. Thus they are either accepted into Vala'Suun society wholeheartedly, or are left to their own devices (if more "human"). This has been the way for countless centuries...   Then came The Sundering...   The first Daemistaals were born shortly after the conflict that ruptured the holy mountain. Born in the same manner as those of all mixed parents. In the very first case, an elven father and a Kelti mother. This typically results in a Kelti child (couples with a Kelti as the mother tend to produce more "full Kelti" than those with a Kelti father). Though simultaneously around the world, Daemistaal were being birthed by either combination of parents.   These children of the post-Sundering world were born "marked," as if by "devils." Some had skin the color of crimson. Others had blackened horns protruding from their scalps. Tails, wings, scales and other "demonic marks" were not uncommon. They were seen as a "punishment" from gods angered by their "children." Holy vengeance for the Vala'Suun (and human) role in the Sundering. That no Daemistaal was ever born prior to the cataclysm only serves to strengthen the notion.     Keep in mind that the vast majority of Vistraal (the more "human" offspring, see article) and Kelti were born "healthy" and of typical appearance, with Daemistaal resulting in less than 5% of births. But these particular births were not welcomed by their parents, or the world at large. For they brought to light a "horrible" truth. One the Vala'Suun tried to keep secret for ages. For the elves, it seems, are related to demons ("Vu'un" in the Vala'Suun tongue).    Stories of the harshest persecution, often by the hands of their very parents, marked the birth of most Daemistaal. Some parents tried to hide their "shame," cutting off offending limbs or horns, painfully dyeing the skins of their offspring. Others, convinced their children were "abominations," took more drastic measures. Because of this, you'll find that most Daemistaal share similar stories of childhood. Those that survive at least.   Many amongst their ranks were orphans, living on the street. This has much to do with the "statistic" that many Daemistaal turn to a life of crime. Though many wish to deem that a sign of their "impure hearts," the reality is much more one of sheer practicality. With no one to care for them, the children had to learn to fend for themselves.   Daemistaal, because of their inherent stigma, aren't claimed by either parentage, thus making them a de facto species in their own right. And youngest amongst all the intelligent races, at that. They've only existed for a mere 2,000 years. Certainly not enough time for them to discover their place in the world. Or for the world to decide it's place for them.    It is important to note that no two Daemistaal are alike, though some share common traits and features. Some even appear "mostly normal," and have the capability to hide their aberrant natures. Others, knowing that there is no way they can hide, band together, forming colonies of displaced Daemistaal. There are even cities formed by the outcasts. One such is the Varuum city of Nix.   Philosophically speaking, a big part of Daemistaal life has to do with pondering the nature of "evil." For despite what they feel in their hearts, society at large derides them as the spawn of Vu'un. But how are we to know that the Vu'un themselves are even at all evil? What little we know of them comes directly from the Vala'Suun, and it's clear there's no love lost between the related species. Could it be that the only way Vu'un seem to have in order to breach the veil between our dimension and theirs is through the "wicked" work of fell summoners? That they are known to deal and consort with practitioners of the "darkest arts?" Is it possible that standards of good and evil are merely societal constructs, used to vilify one's enemies?   Such questions form the basis of most Daemistaal interior lives. While on the surface, they're just trying to get by, faced with a world that refuses to claim them. Sadly, the only outsiders even remotely eager to sponsor them tend to be members of the "underworld" or criminal classes. However, there are some dedicated Daemistaal who've set out to rewrite their own history, and to change the world's perception of them along with it. Like the Isagorn before them, most Daemistaal seek only to find a small place in society willing to accept them.

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