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ISAGORN, “Baradien”  (NPC Isagorn also include Nentiak and Ruttiak)   ("hobgoblins" or, occasionally "orcs")   Hit Points: 1d10   Speed: 30’   As Kith with the following exceptions…   Weapons Training: As fighter.   Alignment: Isagorn, specifically the Baradien, enjoy a highly regulated, martial society. They are typically lawful.   Wilderness Survival: While outdoors, Baradien gain +1/level when tracking, detecting & traps/hidden foes. Further they automatically identify poisoned flora and fouled water.   Force of Will: Baradien are a driven race. They may expend PER to roll a burn die at a rate of 1 PER/burn die. The result of the roll is added to a single roll to hit/check/damage/saves. They may also use burn dice to recover lost HP. PER is restored at a rate of 1 point/per level/per night.   Luck: Applies to attack rolls with long swords, spears and long bows. Modifier remains fixed even if Luck changes.   Action Dice: As Dwarf. Baradien receive a 2nd action die at 5th level which may only be used for attacks.   Attack Bonus: +1/level.   Burn Die: Begins at 1d2 and increases +1 die-step per level.   Crit Die/Saves: As Dwarf.   Luck: Modifier applies to one specific kind of weapon.   Languages: Common and Isagorn/Goblinoid.   Secret Lore: Isagorn are possibly the most misunderstood species on Gothenya. Though assumed to be evil, they are in fact very honorable, and are always fighting to gain acceptance within human society. They are also dwindling in numbers of late, due to a (rising) high rate of infant mortality.    


  Often called “goblins,” “hobgoblins,” or even “orcs” or “kobolds” by the uninformed, the Isagorn shrug off these ignorant notions, for they are a proud peoples.   They are fey from the realm world of Jei’suul, much like their cousins, the Vala’Suun. Reviled in their own homelands, they are just as accursed here on Gothenya. Much of this has to do with the propaganda of the ruling class of Solti who, for whatever reason, have decided that only the “beautiful people” should share the sun.   Isagorn come in a variety of shapes and sizes, lending credence to the rumors that they comprise several different and unique species. However, this is simply not the truth. Ina actuality, the Isagorn are a rather pliable peoples, with different bloodlines featuring drastically different traits. Thus those called “goblins” and others called “bugbears” are in fact, more closely related than previously believed.   This malleable species is also rather susceptible to the blind machinations of the Churn’s mercurial waters. Though all that come in contact with the fell lake come back different than when they arrived, it seems the Isagorn have taken this mutability to the next level.   Perhaps there was a time when the different clans of Isagorn appeared more or less similar. However, those times are long past, and the Isagorn who were expelled from the mountains of the Blight are not quite the same as those who inhabit the realm today. Their tribal traits almost demand differing classifications, but again, this would be wrongheaded.   It’s rather easy to classify any of the various boogeymen who stalk the nightmares of village children as Isagorn (or more to the point, “goblin” or any of the other pejoratives available), and surely at least sometimes these assignations must be correct. But the species as a whole is not any more warlike or covetous than their Vala’Suun cousins. “Ugly” doesn’t mean evil.   Besides, who is to say which species is beautiful and which is hideous? It seems the winners take the honor, but whatever wars were fought on the soils of Jei’Suul are but ancient stories here on Gothenya. Unfortunately, the Isagorn have been handed the unfortunate task of repairing their tarnished reputations amongst the civilized peoples of Gothenya, largely due to the “good word” of the colonizing elves.   As far as reproduction goes, Isagorn (unlike their Vala'Suun cousins) may only reproduce amongst themselves. They do not suffer from the bizarre restrictions that beleaguer "elves." There are no Isagorn half-breeds. That being said, the three classifications of Isagorn may breed amongst themselves.    Isagorn, in general, are a prodigious species, able to produce numbers rivaling all but that of man. In fact, were it not for the many purges and pogroms that plague their very existence, the Isagorn may well be as numerous as the humans who typically "hunt" them.

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