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Blood Magic

Blood Magic is an arcane domain that crosses lines with necromancy, but is far more insidious in its effect on the world. It is sometimes referred to as "defiling magic" as it pulls from life itself, consuming it with the casting of spells. This life may be pulled from living beings, and works best when pulled from sentient creatures. However, in lieu of this, it may pull from the land itself, destroying large swaths of flora (and fauna) in a region, depending upon how powerful a spell is cast.   Blood magic was popularized by The Sanguine Order of blood mages who were instrumental in the cataclysmic war known as The Sundering.   As a result of The Sundering, blood magic is illegal in Hariel Majour. There, the order known as Hex Chain is primarily tasked with policing magic and routing out blood mages in hiding.   In Hariel Minuta, where the colleges of magic thrive, blood magic is still frowned upon (and not formally taught in any school), but its practitioners are not fully outlawed. It is assumed that the city of Sage harbors a number of blood mages, not the least of which being The Boorka (who, to be fair, have never been proven to use blood magic).   The only land where blood magic is common in on the western coast of Golthien, in the lands of Lentokk. So great is the Lentokki commitment to defiling magic that the lands, even those far beyond their territories, have withered and suffered (often making the earth unsuitable for vegetation). The ultimate defilers are, of course, The Lentokki God Kings.   It is even speculated that the rampant volcanic activity of the eastern continent is largely due to the practice of blood magic. It certainly is a major tool used in the creation of the Deepening Pits that pock the lands of Lentokk.  

Blood Magic


Defiling magic is always used to create situations, agency or manifestations against the natural order. In game terms, this involves the enhancement of certain spells (mostly necromancy, but often summoning) past their written effects. The power levels are variable, depending upon the "fullness" of life sacrificed for a spell's usage.  

Blood Magic 2

Side/Secondary Effects

The decimation of life, on scales either large or small, depending on the spell.


Often, scorched earth is all that is left behind in the wake of blood magic.


Life, itself.

Related Organizations
Material Components
Blood, or the very life force of a living thing.
Related Discipline
The traditions of The Sanguine Order
Related School
The Schools of Necromancy, Conjuration and Transmutation (in order of importance)
Related Element
Fire, to burn life.

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