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Wind Dukes

The Wind Dukes, an ancient and revered order of paladins devoted to the celestial guardian Algolon, has long served as the vanguards against evil entities that threaten the planet of Golarion from the far reaches of the cosmos. Endowed with divine powers and unwavering determination, the Wind Dukes embody valour, justice, and protection in the face of otherworldly darkness. They were said to exist at the dawn of the Age of Serpents, and vanished prior to the emergence of Humanity.



  • High Celestial Marshal: The most esteemed and respected paladin within the Wind Dukes is the High Celestial Marshal. This individual is believed to have a direct connection to Algolon and acts as the order's spiritual leader and guiding force.
  • Celestial Wardens: Beneath the High Celestial Marshal are the Celestial Wardens, a group of elite paladins who lead specific divisions within the order. They organize missions, train new recruits, and ensure that the Wind Dukes remain true to their principles.
  • Star Knights: The veteran Wind Dukes have proven their mettle in countless battles and mastered the art of celestial magic and combat. They serve as commanders, leading smaller groups of paladins on various assignments.
  • Astral Champions: The core members of the order, Astral Champions, undergo rigorous training and are sworn to protect Golarion with their lives. They are the front line against evil entities and interstellar threats.
  • Novitiates: Aspiring paladins accepted into the Wind Dukes enter this stage. They undergo intensive training and must prove themselves in physical and spiritual tests to be recognized as full members of the order.

Notable Members

  • Siria Duskhammer (High Celestial Marshal): A legendary figure within the Wind Dukes, Siria is known for her wisdom and unwavering dedication to Algolon's cause. She has led the order for centuries, having been blessed by Algolon himself. Siria's sword, "Starfall," is said to be forged from a fallen star and glows with celestial energy.
  • Lorik Stormborne (Celestial Warden): Lorik is a charismatic and capable leader who commands the Celestial Wardens. He is known for his strategic brilliance and ability to inspire his fellow Wind Dukes during the darkest times.
  • Isara Emberwing (Star Knight): Isara is a talented and fearless Star Knight known for her mastery of celestial magic and combat. She deeply understands cosmic forces and often seeks answers from ancient texts to enhance her abilities.
  • Thalor Ironheart (Astral Champion): Thalor is a grizzled veteran of numerous battles against interstellar adversaries. He wields a massive warhammer imbued with celestial energy, which he forged himself using rare metals from distant worlds. It is believed that Thalor was the one to forge Requiem.

Mythology & Lore

In the Age of Legend, Zalatas, herald of Tharzduun, threatened to break the celestial chains that imprisoned his patron. The Wind Dukes stood against him.┬áThe might of Zalatas was so great, the Wind Dukes were forced to forge a mighty weapon - Requiem, the celestial warhammer. Armed with their celestial weapon, the Wind Dukes faced Zalatas and struck him down. But in the conflict, the Wind Dukes were no more.   The disappearance of the Wind Dukes has long been a source of curiosity. Some believe that, after the epic battle with Zalatas, the Wind Dukes knew they had to wield Requiem one last time to defeat the Herald of Tharzduun. In a selfless act of sacrifice, the remaining Wind Dukes poured their life force and celestial energy into the warhammer, infusing it with unimaginable power. With their mission completed and the threat of Zalatas eradicated, the surviving Wind Dukes might have ascended to a higher plane of existence, becoming celestial beings themselves. They may now watch over Golarion from afar, intervening when the world faces dire threats.   Others believe that during the final confrontation with Zalatas, a powerful temporal anomaly might have occurred, displacing the Wind Dukes across different points in time and space. This would explain their sudden disappearance from Golarion's history. Some members might be stuck in the past, while others could have been flung into the distant future, making it difficult for the order to reunite and carry on their mission.   Another theory suggests that the intense celestial magic involved in the creation of Requiem, the celestial warhammer, might have unleashed an unforeseen curse upon the Wind Dukes. Perhaps the weapon's power caused them to become spectral entities or ethereal beings, unable to interact directly with the mortal realm. They could be trapped in an otherworldly plane, their presence only felt during rare cosmic alignments or celestial events.   Whichever theory holds the truth, the legacy of the Wind Dukes endures, leaving behind tales of their heroism, the creation of Requiem, and their valiant stand against the dark forces of the cosmos. The mystery of their disappearance only adds to their enigmatic legend, inspiring new generations of paladins to take up the mantle of protector and defender of Golarion.

Tenets of Faith

  • Defending Golarion: The primary goal of the Wind Dukes is to protect Golarion from malevolent beings, extraplanar invasions, and cosmic threats that emerge from beyond the stars. They stand as a bastion against the forces that seek to corrupt or destroy the world.
  • Preserving Balance: The Wind Dukes understand the importance of maintaining cosmic equilibrium. They strive to prevent any one faction, including the celestial realms, from gaining too much power and dominance over the others, which could lead to catastrophic consequences for Golarion.
  • Ancient Knowledge: The order is dedicated to uncovering and preserving ancient knowledge of the cosmos, magic, and the nature of evil beyond the stars. This information empowers them in their mission and helps them devise strategies against unknown adversaries.
The Wind Dukes' symbol is a radiant, silver star with a sword crossed behind it, representing their mission to defend Golarion against cosmic threats. Their oath is a solemn vow, invoking Algolon's name, to protect the innocent, uphold justice, and stand resolute against evil from the stars.
Dissolution Date
Age of Serpents
Alternative Names
Wind Dukes of Algolon