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Session 59 - Ice Ice Baby Report

General Summary

  • The Saviors of Sandpoint visited Heidmarch Manor to retrieve the sihedron shards that had been stored there. They were gone, as expected. Shiela asked if they knew about a golden sword that had been stolen. It seemed to have been an inside job. The heroes told her about Karzoug, the wish, and Maximus Merilander.
  • They made purchases at Echo’s Mystical Vault. Mite picked up more Arcaine (one dose of Lich and one dose of Wizard).
  • From there, they teleported to Riddleport. Quilith shadow walked them to Lake Stormunder, a lake in the shadow of Rimeskull mountain.
  • At dusk, the party entered the Sihedron ring and suspected the keys would appear if a spell of the appropriate school were cast on the associated Runelord. An evocation spell was cast on the stone head of Alaznist. The head glowed, and a key appeared in the head's mouth.
  • The ancient white dragon Arkrhyst then attacked the party. He assaulted them with his frozen breath, then snatched up Mite and dropped him. He continued his assault with fly-by attacks. The heroes got some shots in before taking to the air and bringing the fight to Arkrhyst.
  • Quilith and Kumiko collected the keys while the others kept the dragon busy. Truett then teleported with Kumiko to the top of the stairs leading inside Rimeskull.
  • When the bloodied dragon saw them, he flew through the air and charged past them, knocking them off the stairs. Kumiko was able to feather fall, but Truett fell 200 ft to the ground below.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
07 Feb 2023
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