Session 21 - The Misgivings

General Summary

As the session began, the Saviors of Sandpoint were immediately set upon by the madman that they had exhumed from beneath the barn. He shrieked and lunged at Kilgor, but Grog  fired off a geokinetically charged cannonball that broke the man in half. However, his shriek alerted several ghouls who had been hiding in and near the barn. They were led by a man recognized as retired innkeeper Rogors Craesby. Jayvielle Deverin had heard mention of him from Mayor Kendra Deverin as being a caretaker of sort for Foxglove Manor. Oddly, she would not go into any more detail about him, or the manor itself.   Rogors pointed at Kilgor and told him that he had to be stopped before he unmasked their "mutual benefactor", the man known only as Your Lordship. Before they could mount any serious offense, the heroes dispatched the gang of undead flesh-eaters. Searching the bodies, a key was discovered hanging around Rogors' neck and well as a handful of coins. Satisfied that there was nothing left of value, the party left the barn and stepped out into the mid-afternoon sun.   After a brief conversation, it was decided to make use of the horses they had on loan and ride out to Foxglove Manor. Having only a little direction to go by, it was sunset before they finally discovered the manor nicknamed "The Misgivings", Foxglove Manor. Greeted with a burned-down out-building of some sort, rows of dead trees, and a dying yet overgrown lawn, the Saviors of Sandpoint tried to quietly let themselves into the manor. They entered a beautiful yet weathered room with a fungus-covered grand piano tucked away in the far corner. As the party investigated the room, Jayvielle leaped atop the piano to get a better look at it. The grand piano immediately started to play, and both Jayvielle and Kilgor found themselves overtaken by spirits of some sort. They were swept up by a beautiful woman who began dancing around the room with them. The spirits that had overtaken them gave them flashes of memories, knowledge, and insights. The piano continued to play while the woman, their wife Iesha, changed before their eyes. Her eyes bulged, her throat bruised, and her tongue began to protrude as if she was being strangled. Both Jayvielle and Kilgor, somewhat drained of their strength, managed to break away from the haunt. She shrieked and vanished from sight.   After hearing the briefest sound of a faint sob coming from upstairs, the party began to spread out across the main floor, opening doors and looking around rooms without actually entering them. They finally gathered together in the library and began investigating the room, when a beautiful scarf lying across one of the chairs suddenly came to life and wrapped itself around Jayvielle's neck. Paralyzed with fear, he felt the spirits take over and fill his mind with fragments of memories and visions. Now he was Iesha, and she was being strangled by her husband... Aldern Foxglove himself!    Feeling his life quickly fading, Jayvielle managed to wrench the scarf from around his neck. The spirits disappeared, leaving the party to wonder just what had happened in Foxglove Manor. And what else was waiting for them?

Rewards Granted

  • There were only a handful of coins and a key (which turned out to be the key to Foxglove Manor).

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Discovered Foxglove Manor.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Rogors Craesby, who had been turned into a ghast by something, or someone. He delivered a threat to Kilgor before being sundered by the barbarian.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
28 May 2021
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