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Olina Tor'lyn

Empress (a.k.a. Mage-Queen)

Empress Olina Tor'lyn, also called Mage-Queen, is Empress of the Twilight Empire of Xarzhani.   The Twilight Empire was originally an elite drow mercenary group with branches involving assassination, espionage, and mercenary work. They were founded hundreds of years ago and were led by Lasdolon Azrinae, primarily based in Aurorathal¬†as well as Zirnakaynin in the Darklands. However, there was a power vacuum after Lasdolon was slain by the Guardians of Golarion. Leaders from various branches started a civil war within the empire to wrest power from each other.   When the dust settled, and the blood stopped flowing, Olina Tor'lyn stood atop the pile of bodies and declared herself Mage-Queen. She began restructuring the organization, turning it into a political movement rather than a strictly military force. All the power amassed to this point would be used to build, expand, and protect what they had. They would reclaim what had once been theirs over ten millennia ago - the surface world.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Olina Tor'lyn is a drow woman with dark blue-gray skin, waist-length white hair, and clear blue eyes. Despite her immense magical aptitude, she often wears a warrior's mithril chain dress that does not seem to hinder her spellcasting prowess at all.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Olina Tor'lyn, a descendant of the legendary Ardura Tor'lyn, was born into a legacy of power and ambition within the dark recesses of the Twilight Empire. Her lineage destined her for greatness, a path that would see her rise to become one of the most formidable rulers in the history of the drow. From a young age, Olina was immersed in the rigorous training and arcane studies befitting a scion of the Tor'lyn dynasty. Her education spanned the breadth of drow martial arts, political manipulation, and, most significantly, the dark arcana that had been the foundation of her family's power.  

Early Years and Training

Olina's training was marked by an intensity that few could endure. She honed her skills under the tutelage of the empire's most skilled warriors and mages, demonstrating a natural aptitude for shadow magic and a keen strategic mind. Her upbringing was steeped in the tales of her ancestor, Ardura, whose ambition and fall had become a legend among the drow. These stories fueled Olina's determination to not only emulate Ardura's achievements but to surpass them.  

Influence by the Dark Lady

As Olina's prowess grew, so did her ambition. During her quest for greater power, she encountered the Dark Lady, the same enigmatic entity that had once granted Ardura her formidable powers. The Dark Lady, recognizing the potential within Olina, offered her a pact similar to the one Ardura had accepted. In exchange for unwavering devotion and a vow to lead the drow to dominion over the surface world, the Dark Lady would bestow upon Olina powers beyond her wildest dreams.   Driven by her ambition and the desire to fulfill her ancestor's legacy, Olina accepted the Dark Lady's offer. Her already considerable abilities were magnified, her mastery over shadow magic reaching unparalleled heights. With the Dark Lady's guidance, Olina began to weave her influence throughout the Twilight Empire, her sights set on the ultimate prize: the onyx throne.  

Rise Through the Twilight Empire

Olina's ascent was both swift and ruthless. She navigated the treacherous politics of the drow with a cunning that belied her years, eliminating rivals and forging alliances with those who could advance her cause. Her military campaigns against neighboring territories showcased her strategic genius and the terrifying power she wielded, earning her the loyalty of the empire's legions and the fear of its enemies.   Throughout her rise, Olina never forgot the lessons learned from Ardura's fall. She remained vigilant against potential betrayal, using her network of spies and assassins to eliminate threats before they could manifest. Her rule was marked by a balance of terror and admiration, with her subjects recognizing the strength and prosperity she brought to the empire.  

Empress of the Twilight Empire

Olina's crowning as Empress was a spectacle of power and dark majesty. Standing before the gathered might of the Twilight Empire, she declared her intention to lead the drow out of the shadows and into the light of the surface world, reclaiming the glory that was their birthright. Under her rule, the empire strengthened its borders, expanded its territories, and delved deeper into the arcane mysteries that had long been its source of power.   Yet, Olina's ambition was not content with mere terrestrial power. She sought to forge alliances with other dark races and entities, expanding the influence of the Twilight Empire beyond the confines of the Darklands. Her ultimate goal remained ever in her sights: the day when the drow would emerge from the depths, led by the Empress Olina Tor'lyn, to claim dominion over the surface world and fulfill the destiny that Ardura had envisioned.   Olina Tor'lyn's history is a testament to the enduring will and ambition of the drow, a narrative of power reclaimed and a future unwritten, where the shadows that dwell beneath may yet cast their long reach over the lands above.
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