Episode 56 - Lethal Bugs and Feeble Minds

General Summary

  • Having searched the Grand Archive, the Guardians of Golarion began exploring the rest of the Warlock’s Crypt.
  • They searched several rooms, the contents reflecting a mix of noble/elven accommodations and horrible medical/arcane experimentations.
  • Within the Reception Hall, the Guardians faced two Death Knights. When slain, they exploded into swarms of rot grubs that burrow into flesh and sapped the life essence of the host.
  • After eventually defeating the grubs, the Guardians continued their exploration. They discovered a teleportation circle that was one-way only, arriving not sending, and would only work for aberrant or undead teleporters.
  • They also discovered a room with viewing portals in it. One portal showed a glacier with a rope leading down the side. A second showed the town of Morrel, a small trading post near the Mwangi Expanse. The third was a night vision view of a Cyclops walking through a cave in the dark, looking around nervously as if he knew he was being watched.
  • After looking into the portal, a magical trap went off and almost Feebleminded most of the party. Startled and shaken, the Guardians sat and collected their returning thoughts while the Dragonshard of Zalatas continued to beat like a heart through the crypt.
  • Rewards Granted


      131,000 + 11,733 = 142,733 XP!  


    • 2 Greatswords +1
    Second Darkness
    Telith Nordhof
    Sir Godric
    Rooker Shango
    Report Date
    19 Apr 2020