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Myth Blood

The Age of Revelation brought many things to the common knowledge, one of those things was the awareness of the impact the divine has had on mortals. The Myth-Blood is a clear and literal case of such impact.

Creatures of Myth Blood, are so called for having strong connections to the divine. Some are physically, while others are spiritually, tied to deities across the universe. These connections can be to an individual, a family or an entire species, and can reproduce different outcomes. Most creatures with Myth Blood carry enhanced traits over mortals.

Registers of Myth Blood

With the knowledge of the divine as a physical trait, people have started to register the most visible cases of Myth Blood.

Myth Bloodied Species

The most well known mythbloodied species are the Gorgonee, Foumpex and Thyrons.

While some believed that all of the 'mythological' creatures of old were mythbloodied, that is incorrect. As elves, dwarves and gnomes were just a few examples of sapient aliens with or without natural inclinations to divine power.

Myth Bloodied Family Lines

In cases of a particularly strong bless or demigod descendant, a myth bloodied family can be born.

Known Mythblood Individuals

General Drasht, Ylveirs Athblar, Ugh Lughan

Speculated Mythbloods
  • Individuals: Mo Pandim, Theseus, King Arthur, most of mythical human demigods.
  • Species: Pandima (subspecies of Arklypsos), Humans (homo sapiens).

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