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Mo Pandim

Mo Pandim (He/Him)

A mythological being of the arklypsian pandima culture, Mo Pandim is a legend, myth and god for the arklypsians. He is a part of all of pandimas folklore, directly or indirectly.

Legend of Mo Pandim

The story about the great Mo Pandim, the Pandim Journeys is a collection of tales from the arklypsian culture pandimas. As the deities and divine came to show themselves as real, many believe that Mo Pandim belongs to a divine plane and have provided divine protection to the pandimas.

The story of Mo Pandim has grow through the Universe, as many Arklypsos and Narorokhis travelled the galaxies. It is still a mostly arklypsian myth.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As tall as an arklypsian mountain hut, with the strength to pull mountains and split rivers. His large body is forever branded, at his eyes, ears and limbs, with the ashes of his fallen sister.
Mountains of Kalypzas
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