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Farmer's Slog

Those with some knowledge of criminal organizations and their territories in Barredrir have come to expect Pitch Syndicate to remain in their territory. That has changed.

As of two years ago, the Pitchies are slowly growing and preparing. At first, solidifying their control over Farm Sector, and now expanding to the sector above. The local gangs and syndicate are fighting back for what is now a fifteen months old gang war.



From Farm Sector, these thugs from the Pitch Syndicate are not ones to back down from a fight. However, they are not armed or even partake in gunfighting, using knifes and hit-retreat tactics.

They have increased their prices to sustain the long war. In turn, petty crime has increased in drug infested areas, as people try to come up with the money to sustain their addictions.


From Azem and Scree Sector, the wrenchies need to balance their efforts between the advance of their new enemies and the awaiting beast of their older one. Being a faction used to fighting to remain in the business, wrenchies have allies in smaller gangs and are better equipped.

Despite what could be clear advantages, wrenchies lost the first skirmishes before being able to force a stanstill nine months back. They are fighting with one eye looking forward and another over the shoulder, as their weakening has news of bolters circling their territory at Scree Sector.



The bloody start of this conflict was a matter that surprised and brought light to the pitchies activities in Azem Sector. News outlet of all variety have taken notice of this and reported on it from diverging angles.

Alpha Sector news reiterated the criminality in Azem and Farm Sector, using gruesome images to shock their viewers. They rarely speak of the people involved or around the events, only speaking of the aftermath of each massacre with graphic images of bloodied crime scenes.

Farm Sector's reporters been both outspoken and speculative in their reports. They would point fingers at the Syndicate of their sector at the same time they tried to maintain the syndicate a bunch of anonymous criminals. Farm Sector has never used pictures of victims or crime scenes in their articles.

The ones from Azem Sector began reporting the incidents as vicious attacks against unfortunate individuals. However, as the conflict and wrenchies ties to it become clear, they began to attack the law enforcers and Council for failing to stop the conflict. Azem's reporters are the ones to speak more loudly about civilian loss of life, increase in police brutality and petty crimes after the start of the gang war.

The other sectors, such as Services and Scree Sector, have taken to report it vaguely but alwyas fearful of the war stirring other conflicts across the station. A few more detailed articles spoke about Prison Sector increased riots and violence following the beginning of the gang war.

War, Gang
Other names
Wrenched Stand
Associated Reports
  • Massacre in Compound Salic, fourteen dead many injured, The Herald
  • Petty crime increases, home invasion leads to two dead, Pipeline Times
  • Leaders of community speak against curfew and public distant increases, Stack News
  • Operation apprehends over half million credits in drugs at Compound Denn, Stack News
  • Prison guard and technician die in prision riot, Servant Whispers


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