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Pitch Syndicate

Formed by workers from Farm Sector, the syndicate was first a worker's right movement. It strived for better pay, more reasonable hours and proper equipment, specially given the use of pesticides in most of the businesses. As time went by, some members of the syndicate started strikes and some raided factories for their demands.

Conflicts with the authorites following more violent protests were the reason behind the separation of Pitch Syndicate and the newly formed Farmers Union. The Syndicate goals remained aligned with the working class of Farm Sector for a few more years, with illegal activities to fund their endeavours. Eventually the Syndicate became known only for its criminal venues as drug dealers and smugglers.

Recent History

An unknown spark has ignited a brutal war between Pitch Syndicate and Wrench Syndicate. The conflict has taken many lifes and continued with varying intensity for the last 15 months, with the last month and half being the bloodiest of them all. A few of the communication reports have brought light to the matter, fueling the masses into demanding action of the Council.


Even if the proper locations are unknown, the existence of multiple illegal laboratories run by the Syndicate is no secret to residents of Farm Sector. Those laboratory are where their products are produced and a few are almost like research labs, trying to advance the drugs they already have or reverse engineer a legal drug.

Perhaps because the group has no real threats on their territories, Pitch Syndicate has only simple and cheap weapons. Only a few of their members actually invest in guns, while the majority prefers to have good defense and territories with good surveillance.

To push the hay, to feed the people (deprecated)

Associated Imagery
Parallel stripes
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
Pitchfork Gang
Area of Expertise
Botany and Chemistry
Criminal Portifolio
Illegal fighting pits, production and distribution of plant derived illegal drugs, illegal distribution of regulated plants and drugs
Current Territory
Farm Sector (undisputed)

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