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Floweret Wool

The fine, soft curly or wavy hair forming the coat of a Floweret Sheep especially when shorn and prepared for use in making cloth or yarn. The wool which was manufactured from Earínos. This is also popular on the trading world due to its flowery scent and its properties.


Physical & Chemical Properties

When the wool is woven into a yarn and used to create clothes then it's perfect to use on a cold weather, or any place where it is extremely cold, because the wool is very warm that's why people from Ánthos primarily use it on their clothing. Floweret Wool has a soft touch, cool and comfortable. The material is also lightweight, good elasticity, resiliency and durability if woven.

Geology & Geography

Floweret Wool was first found on Gratinin Plains on the lake. That is why Earínos is the one of the producers of this material. on the other hand, the material can also be found on any plains, tundras or mountains where Floweret Sheep lives. Which is the reason why you can find the wool on Ánthos and Ezhers, but it is rare to be seen outside The Town of Tranquility and Adventures.

Life & Expiration

This type of wool decays after five to six years because of the wool having more magical probability than other wool from other species. Floweret Wool is still stable even after the expiration date you can still use it, but for each day that pass, the wool can smell rotten. There are times that if the wool has reached the last date and it was left on the ground then it will decompose in only one day.

History & Usage


Back then, the wool from a Floweret Sheep is a luxury due to the material being available only on Earínos, but it has became a staple from all over the Vernal Continent, because of the material being low on demand which was the reason that Earínoxians publicized the material to step up their trading. Another reason of that is that people are finding more and more complex usage of a simple wool. The material also have some increase and decrease on its usefulness.

Manufacturing & Products

Floweret Wool can create multiple products like yarn, fabric, etc. People can also make colored Floweret Wool by using the flower on their body. All of these products can make more products that's more complex. When the material has reached its five to six years then it is used for compost or they can reuse it again.

Reusability & Recycling

Because this material decays, it is sometimes use for compost if the wool has reached it's expiration date. The material can be used again by putting it in a box that has multiple holes for sunlight to come through, then rinsing it on fresh water for every ten minutes. After an hour the material can be used again for an another year.


Trade & Market

Floweret Wool is mostly sold on Earínos due to them being the settlement where they are the source of Floweret Sheep. On the other hand the trading is on Ezhers, because Earínos doesn't have at least one port and The Village of Water is the only place near Earínos to have multiple water routes. Back then, this material was a luxury that only royalty was only able to use, but now everyone from the higher ranks to the very low ones can use this material on their every day life.


Floweret Wool are stored in airtight containers, or any containers that have no holes. As long as there's no moths eating the protein in the fibers of the wool.
White, Gray, or Black
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