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Gratinin Plains

The Gratinin Plains is a place with beautiful scenery and peaceful fauna which is the reason this place is called The Serene Plains because people that came here for a vacation or a business trip have found this place to relieve stress and anxiety. The plains have warm air with moderate rains that is suitable for some animals living here. People from other continents are recommended by people who've already gone here.
  Gratinin Plains currently have two organizations contesting with each other on the ownership of the location, and it is the Adventurers Guild and the Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist . The guild wanted to own this place since they own Earínos, but the OFAA wanted to be the owner of the plains because this place is suitable to build a research base. Another reason is that the Heroes Guild uses this place for training young and weak adventurers in exchange of killing animal and plant life, so the OFAA started to compete ownership for them to preserve plant life.


The Gratinin Plains is seen at the top left of the Vernal Continent map, extending at the top right of the Aumtial Continent. The grassy place is surrounded with hill chains that goes around a town named Earínos which is at the center of the plains. The popularity of the hills comes from a monument known as The Pillars of Lentian. There is also a huge tree that grows at the middle of the plains, and it is in the middle of Earínos.   As this place is known to have scenic places, it is also near places that shines with their own beauty. On the east of Gratinin Plains is the Hjiave Ocean that goes deep into darkness, and there's a river and a lake that separates this place from Krōuha Tundra, and Inierno Forest. Even though the grassland is surrounded with hill chains, there is a nearby mountain range known as the Sífrera Mountains.

Fauna & Flora

The fauna of Gratinin Plains are known as friendly despite the neighboring locations having animals that are hostile. With the appealing terrain, and peaceful animals, people have though that plants here are already researched, but there is an estimated guess that there are more than a hundred plant species which are being discovered.
  Ever since a millennium has passed Gixíra, the animal's population in The Serene Plains have increased at a surprising rate even after the massive killing of the animals because of high demand in food. More animals have started being seen like snakes, rabbits, birds, gophers, bison and many more fauna co-exists with each other. While more fauna are seen, there are some animals that have been living here for more than a millennium. The most popular animals that are seen here are Floweret Sheep, Malnavy Boars, and Grezz Gophers.
  While the animals are growing in population, the flora of this grassland is not increasing in numbers. Because of the long exposure of people using Gratinin Plains for training to be an adventurer, some plants are killed in the process. With over a hundred plants dying each day, some plants are never researched and named by florist or Herbalist. While there are more plants that died before, there is a plant that has been known to live here for a very long time. The Vermici Grass is familiarized by people that cooks, or people that uses herbal medicine.

Natural Resources

Since the hill chains are nearby Earínos, Earínoxians uses the hills for mining ores, metals, and minerals. The obtained animal products from the wildlife is used by people nearby or traded around the Vernal Continent. From materials namely Floweret Wool is traded world-wide because the material's softness is fitting for cold weather. The land of Gratinin Plains is suitable for farming, with the grassland perfect for farming people cultivate the land which created more farms.
Gratinin Plains is filled with low leveled dungeons that are around the plains, that is the reason this place was called the Beginner's Plains. In addition to that statement, this is also one of the reason why Earínos is named Town of Tranquility and Adventures.
Alternative Name(s)
The Serene Plains / Beginner's Plains
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