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Ánthos is a town on the south-east part of the Krōuha Tundra. The settlement is filled with unique traditions and different people. The town is one of the reasons that most of the villages and towns that is on the top left of the map of the Vernal Continent has a way to trade on other places.
  Ánthos is known to be called the "Twin of Earínos," because the both of the towns started at the exact day. The alternative name "Town of The Raging Winter" started when the temperature of this town is starting do decrease.


Because of the very cold weather here, the walls of this settlement is wide and broad so that it can withstand the snow storms and blizzards that can come in the future. The reason that there are multiple stone and wood that is sharpened and placed outside the wall is that most of the fauna that you can find at the outskirts can kill any species which is very dangerous. One last thing is that there are five or six watch towers and two siege towers surrounding the whole town.

Industry & Trade

Because the town of Earínos and the village of Ezhers is in good terms with this town, the items that are traded at the port of Ezherians and Ánthonisians are split into one third of the three settlements when the trading ships came back after the trade is over. People of Ánthos is also known for underwater agriculture, because of they have underwater farms near the tundras freezing seaside.


Ánthos was starting to grow as a village the same time as when Earínos was also starting to be a village which resulted both of the towns having a good connection. As both of the town was growing, the temperature of this town started to go to the point where it was freezing which resulted the town as it is today. One last thing is that the village of Ezhers was started by Ánthonisians so that they have a teleportation rout so that they have a faster way to have fresh water and that is when they started to build a port so that Ánthos, Earínos, and Ezhers could have trading routes.


Most of the buildings in this settlement is well known for having walls that are compact and wide to withstand harsh snow storms. With the daily snowy weather that most people have to dealt with, nearly all of houses here at Ánthos doesn't have a chimney. Due to the increasing population of the town, people have started to create multiple two story house so that one family is on the floor above and one below.


Ánthos is on the south-east of Krōuha Tundra and the place is also near the seaside which was frozen considering the fact that the temperature of the tundra is extremely freezing. Back then, they used to travel in two to three days to go get water at the river, but now people can use the teleportation portal to go to the village of Ezhers to get some water.

Natural Resources

Because Ánthos is near the seaside that is frozen as blue ice, they trade the blue ice to other people for them to have refrigeration. On the other hand, even if the sea near the town is frozen, people have found ways to start underwater farms and coral farms which is approved by the Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist and the king of Therismòs. While the snow on the ground outside the town is poisonous and is banned to sold to anyone, the can only give the snow on people who are approved the the leader of Ánthos.
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Krōuha Tundra
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Town of The Raging Winter / The Twin of Earínos
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