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Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist

The Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist is known for their dedication to learn about Gixíra's agriculture, flora, how some plants work, how deadly some plants are and other things that can create new knowledge about plant life. Their goal is to learn all about the plants in this world and teaching people on how plants work and tips on agriculture. That's the reason why they are going on expeditions around parts of Gixíra that has plants that they have not studied yet to further their understanding the world that they are living on.

Public Agenda

The OFAA devotes on studying plant life and understanding the agriculture of Gixíra. The organization helps people with how the agriculture works on different places, and they fund expeditions with other people who are interested into researching about plant life and discover new plants around the whole world. They use the information that they got from expeditions and research to help other people on how to preserve and understand the planet which they now call home.


The OFAA has knowledge which is only given and taught to people if it has the king of any main kingdom, because of the fund to go on expeditions is expensive which is why they are funded by the School of Exploration and Alchemy. They also have multiple exams about plants on each village, towns, geographical locations, kingdoms and etc. The exams are for people who will take the examination to be a herbalist. Which is why it is the most valuable information to anyone who wanted to be a Herbalist if it got leaked.
  They have multiple research bases through out the whole Gixíra which is why they have multiple sources on how they get the information on many expeditions. OFAA mostly have two to three bases and outpost on each continent. With much valuable information in these buildings that they posses, the magicians of OFAA made all of these buildings damage proof.


This organization started at the early Obnova Annorum Era of the Vernal Continent which was lead by Dyian Astrios . On her twenty-sixth birthday, she was accused of being a witch, because magic was banned back then and its was called witchcraft. Because of herself being accused as a which, the organization's reputation has gotten worse with people banning them to go into settlements. Which is why they disbanded for three centuries, but the organization came back with the rising reputation which caused the start of the organizations new name "Organization of Flora Researchers and Agriculturist."


Back then, they where familiarized by people as the organization of flora researchers. While they are the most known organization that is knowledge hungry, they are also known to be very helpful to farmers, because they learn on how agriculture works with the help of farmers and then they started started to do campaigns, farming lessons, expeditions to harms so that they can help, and funding people who want to start a farm. Back then, they where familiarized by people as the organization of flora researchers. Which is why this organization got their name Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist.

Learning Life is a Very Knowledgeable Gift.

Expedition, Scientific
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