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Krōuha Tundra

Krōuha Tundra is the first place on being the harshest geographic location around the whole Gixíra, because of the cruel weather, extremely low temperature, poisonous snow, low vegetation, dangerous plants, dangerous animals, and high competition for food. While the tundra is not suitable for some people, every species that live here plants, animals, or any other species for a long time can withstand the weather.


Krōuha Tundra is a very vast area of permafrost and snow with multiple days of blizzards and snow storms. The place is known for having a very harsh environment for plants and animals. The place is separated from Gratinin Plains by a river which people from Ánthos use for ports and fishes. It is also one of the sources where Ánthonisians collect fresh water from. The tundra is also close to the Inierno Forest where there is a town of elves are living at. The place got their alternative name because of the severe snow storms which are always happening that caused the place with very thick permafrost and the seaside turning into blue ice. While people from other places are not accustomed to the freezing temperature of this land, people living here turned the cold climate as something ordinary due to the reason that most of them live here for a very long time and had gotten used to the weather being harsh.

Fauna & Flora

Because of the temperature being ruthless here, most of animals and plants doesn't last long living here. Even though the living conditions are not suitable for most of the plants and animals, there are still some that can survive here and there are also some species of plants and animals that the majority of their species live here.   Flora: There are mostly five known plants that is mostly found at Krōuha Tundra, but here is the very famous plant that is found nearly all over the Tundra. The Winter Lily is a very known plant in this freezing tundra, because the plant is known to withstand extreme cold weather. The plant is also commonly found here and the Sífrera Mountains. This plant is the reason why most of the permafrost and snow of this place is chronically poisonous.   Fauna: While there are only five plants that are generally known that live here, the animals that are mostly found here is only four. Because of the low vegetation the animals here are known to be competitive and would kill each other for food. An example of that is a Harnyx. Harnyxes are used to their life style being dangerous due to competition for food which caused the species to be officially carnivorous. If they can't find other species to eat, they would sacrifice their eldest for their young to eat.

Natural Resources

The blue ice near that you get at the seaside of Krōuha Tundra is not poisonous so it is used to freeze items. The ice is traded through out the whole Vernal Continent for people to refrigerate some items that needs to be cooled. It is also an inconvenient way to refrigerate something without using magic.
Alternative Name(s)
Raging Tundra / Krōuha Glacier
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Included Locations

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