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Inierno Forest

Inierno Forest is a boreal forest in between the Sifrera Mountains and the Krōuha Tundra and it has three parts, because it is separated by two rivers. The taiga is known to have diverse animal life, yet the plant life here is only a few or maybe most of the plants aren't discovered yet.


The Inierno Forest is a taiga in between the Sífrera Mountains and the Krōuha Tundra. The taiga was separated by rivers that flows from the mountains which caused the forest to have three parts that is known by their own names. The Alto Inierno is the forest near the mountains which is the wood source of the Earínosians. The Medríos Inierno is the forest between two rivers and is known to have more fauna that the other two parts of the forest. The lower part of the Inierno Forest is the Vento Inierno, this part of the forest is known to have many Sjöv Berries growing on these trees and this is the part of the forest where there is an elvish town. This forest despite being as cold as the taiga nearby, there are still only a thin layer of snow that's seen.

Fauna & Flora

While the Krōuha Tundra has four different types of flora and five fauna, there are many more faunas, but are only multiple trees, bushes, and Sjöv Berries as known flora in this forest.
  Fauna: While most of the fauna is mostly found on the middle part of the boreal forest, the most common species found on all of the parts of the forest is a Rrymëlk and Neve Wolves. There are groups of four or five of Floweret Sheep that can be found only on the Alto Inierno and can only be spotted sometimes on the Medríos Inierno but never on the Vento Inierno. For some reason, Harnyxes doesn't go in the forest which confuses people, because the temperature of the taiga is the same as the tundra. The main territory of the elks is the lower part of the forest while the wolves main territory is the middle part of the forest.
  Flora: The flora of this boreal forest is mostly coniferous trees, and there are also some bushes which some of the animals eat. The only unique species of plants that has been discovered to this day is Sjöv Berries. These type of berries are mostly found on the lower part of the Inierno Forest, and you can still find the in other boreal forests. Even though the bush where the berries came from is thorny and poisonous, the berry can give a delicious sweet taste and is used by the elves living here and the Ánthonisians to make wine. Maybe sometime in the future they can discover more plants here in this forest.

Natural Resources

Alto Inierno:
People of Earínos uses these trees to make planks for their houses, walls, and other buildings. While the people mostly go here for wood, people can also find some lime stones only here in between the forest and the mountain.
  Medríos Inierno:
Some people uses the wolf fur that Neve Wolves shed into clothing or on armor pieces which is popular, because of the freezing temperature of colder regions in some places. One more thing is that some people go here to collect the clay that is traded around the whole Vernal Continent, because this part of the forest is in the middle of two rivers of the lake that produces the clay.
  Vento Inierno:
The Vento Inierno is known for the Sjöv Berries which most people use as wine and is primarily sold on Ánthos. Due to the vines of the berries being dangerous, people use this to create a product named as Chronic Powder and is banned for all of the villages, towns and other places except it the person using it is approved by the king of Therismòs. There are also velvet and antlers from the elks that here which people uses in soup or medicine.
Alternative Name(s)
The Taiga of Tryes
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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